I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

White Shell Necklace with Black Diamond Crystals and Biwa Stick Pearls

I think I have a new favorite! I absolutely love this necklace!

I don't know what it is about Thick Lucina's that intrigue me so much. They are such beautiful shells. The few I have found have been white, very nearly white, and 1 small gray Lucina. The Lucina on this beautiful necklace is white, WHITE. It measures 2 inches x 2 inches. I have found a larger one, and small ones, too.

I love the pearls on this necklace, too. The stick pearls are amazing! The iridescence is shimmery and beautiful. The baby rice pearls are just as gorgeous, and add to the elegant feel of this luscious beauty.

As with most of my shell jewelry, I've hidden a little treasure for you.

The Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal is a beautiful creation in itself. The color of these are so cold as ice feeling to me. Like a dark, stormy winter day.

Can I tell you how hard it is to capture the beauty of this with a camera?

I hope I've done well in capturing the essence of the cold tranquil beauty of this amazing shell.
This would be such a beautiful accessory for a beach wedding, or maybe you have the perfect little black dress to go with this? It is so elegant, I can see it being worn with dressy apparel. A stark white sexy summer dress would also be lovely with this. Can you see it? I can! If you can, then this is the one meant just for you!

Stay Cool,

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