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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shark Teeth and Kitten Paws

When my grandkids visited in August, we went to Casperson Beach to try our luck at finding sharks teeth.
We did find quite a few, and the kids (and adults) had fun finding teeth and shells.
I wire wrapped sharks teeth to make necklaces for Gwyn and Brady, and just finished putting them on necklaces Tuesday.Brady's is very boyish on leather cording, wire wrapped with black wire. Gwyn's is very girly and feminine, wire wrapped with purple wire and hanging from a purple ribbon with a sterling silver toggle.

Gwyn absolutely fell in love with kitten paw shells! Who can blame her? They come in a variety of sizes, from white to the darkest rust color, thick and thin. I made the kids necklaces out of them, too!
I chose a big, thick shell for Brady's, and Gwyn set this tiny one in resin herself! She also chose several kitten paws for a bracelet, but grandma got sick and didn't get it finished before they had to go home. So, the other day I finished it for her!
I used sterling silver jump rings, and a tiny sterling silver adjustable toggle. Gwyn has metal allergies, so her jewelry has to be hypoallergenic, or sterling. I also sealed the shells with a high gloss sealer, to give them some sparkle and shine. I can't wait for her to get this in the mail! I love how it turned out, so pretty!

Creating things for my grandkids has to be my all time favorite past time! Shelling and making jewelry are next on my list of favorites.

What are your favorite things to do with shells?


pam@ iLoveShelling said...

i Love Shelling too! ;) Look at your kitten's paw necklace! So pretty. My husband and I took a trip up to Englewood from Sanibel to go shark's teeth hunting for the first time this summer. It is so much fun! I display my best finds in bowls, glass vases and wire baskets but I've made a few frames for mirrors too. Nice post!

Giggly said...

Those are all gorgeous! I can't believe you guys found all those shark teeth! Amazing!

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