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Sunday, December 4, 2011

In the Spirit of Christmas

Do you believe in angels? I do! Each and every one of us has our very own guardian angel(s).....which led me to creating this.
I think she is sweet!
and just what I need to remind me that my guardian angel is always there!
I was taking a break from working on my big jingle project (which is going to take forever) and just happened to have these wings....and my seashell angel was born.

I have been incredibly fatigued for the last couple of weeks, and trying my best to hide it. I thought it might be nicer if I shared with you the reason I am being so slow about getting things done. All I want to do is sleep! I'm normally quite an insomniac, but I have slept more the last 2 weeks than I have for the last 2 months!  All of my decorating is going slow, but I am s l o w l y getting it done.

I have one curtain finished, and one to go! I'm hoping to get up the energy to make the other one today, and then move on so I can take some pics for you!

Since I'm feeling so very crappy, I really need my guardian angel.

Do you believe in angels?



Sher said...

The angel is beautiful! I hope your real angel guides you along with some positive energy. This is not the time of year to feel sluggish.

There were a few times in my life where I think I was guided along and one of them actually included an angel figurine. How odd is that?

I was going to tell you the long story here but I decided it would make an awesome Holiday blog post! So I thank you for the inspiration! Perhaps I'll post it for tomorrow.

So I think I just answered your question. I do believe I had an angel with me on that day.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Absolutely! I believe in angels and depend on them every day of my life! I love your beautiful new necklace, my friend and I am praying you will get your strength and energy back! I just posted....thought of you the whole time I was putting it together! HUGS!!! ♥♥♥

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a great idea - I love your angel! I totally believe in angels and sometimes I think God sends angles to us in the form of other people. Did you ever notice how sometimes somebody will come into your life at a certain time, be there to help you with something and then be gone? It makes you wonder..... Hope you feel better soon - take your time and rest when your body tells you to. Hugs!

Cheryl Kraynak said...

You're so creative. Love the angel! Don't worry about sleeping so much. You gotta give the angels the chance to "work on you."

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