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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seashell Saturday

Happy Seashell Saturday!

While my best friend Dee was visiting, we went over to the Gulf to Clearwater Beach. Clearwater is one of my favorite beaches. It's not too far from home, and I can shell there!

It was a bright, sunny day when we went. I mean blindingly bright! Dee soaked up the sun, and I stayed under my canopy chair most of the day.
so bright I can't see
okay, I can see the camera now
ahhh that's better thanks for the sunglasses Lace
We saw some sailboats....
they don't see sailboats in Alaska
and a pirate ship!
Pirate ship in Clearwater. I want to go out on this ship, as long as I don't have to walk the plank!
We did some shelling, too, which is my main purpose for going to the beach!
Laci finding some mini shells
All of us found a LOT of shells. Elisia, Laci, and I found a shelling bag full EACH! Dee didn't find as many. She was busy soaking up some good Florida sunshine ;D

some of my mini's
more of my shells
I made a pair of earrings for Dee with some auger shells I found.
These are just her style, too. These should go well with her regalia, or anything she wears up there in Alaska. This was the first time I used feathers and shells together, and I like how they turned out. I know Dee will love them! She hasn't seen them yet, I'll be sending them to her on Monday.

On this shelling trip, I found shells I've never found before!
bubbles, wentletraps, baby ears, horse conch, and???
This is just what I found, and doesn't include the cool sponge that I put out by the pond. Elisia found a TON of little shells (and I found less because I was sitting in the shade most of the day ;( lol). These are so small you don't even notice them until you start really looking for them. I went with an intention to find small shells, and I did have to leave a few because they were still quite alive!

I love, love, LOVE the babies ears and wentletraps!!! They would make gorgeous earrings, but the ones I found are just too fragile. My augers aren't in this pile, I had sorted them to make Dee's earrings. I found three different kinds of spiral augers! Okay, I see one auger in the pile.

I can't wait to go back to Clearwater! I'll be sure to bring my own sunglasses, though!

It's a special day here! Today is my 2nd oldest daughter's birthday! Happy Birthday Lace!!!
Laci and Tanner
 May you always feel 27 sweetie!

 I hope your Saturday is special, too! Have a great day!



Completely Coastal said...

I really like the feathers with the shells!!!! And happy birthday to your daughter... I had once a dog just like that!

Unknown said...

Clearwater is my home town. My Dad was a fireman on Clearwater Beach & my grandpa was the bridgtender on the old bridge. So glad you found lots of goodies. It is a beautiful beach.

Take good care,


OnePerfectDay said...

I so love all those shells you find!
Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!
Have fun celebrating.

Della said...

Thank you all for the bday wishes for Lace! So Sweet! Maya, aren't Boxers the best?! Love our Boxers :D

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday Lace! I hope your day was extra special and that you are still celebrating! LOVE the photos! Looks like you had a wonderful trip to the beach! Oh...I LOVE the beach and I've never been to this one! Enjoy your week! I'm over in your Etsy shop right now...dreamin'! ♥

Leo said...

Wow - you collected some amazing shells. I love the tiny ones. So sweet and precious looking. Looks like you had an amazing day!!

pam @ iLoveShelling said...

Great finds! Love the minis too. I think you have a cantharus (the one that looks like a horse conch), purplish tagulus, nasa and a juvenile fighting conch in that picture with the question mark. oh and a coffee melampus. Wow! You found some goodies! I love the idea of feathers with shells! so pretty

Shelllady said...

I have been trying drilling shells to make some special earrings, specifically wentletraps and I was not successful....any pointers? I read the post above about soaking the shells in water and that worked ....I would like to start learning to make jewelry etc....so please keep posting all the details it's very interesting...and beautiful!! I Love, Love Love your jewelry!!

Shellbelle said...

Nice! I agree with Pam, the one that looks like a Horse Conch is actually a Ribbed Cantharus. Below that is a Juvenile Fighting Conch (they look so different than the adults). To the left is Melampus coffeus, commonly called the Coffee Bean Snail, then your Wentletraps; to the left of them is a Purplish Tagelus. Right above your Wentletraps, I believe is a Gulf Oyster Drill. I don't know what the one to the left of the Drill is, hard to tell from the pic. Then you already know your Common Atlantic Bubbles and White Baby's Ears. Looks like you had a great day both shelling and hanging out with loved ones!

Della said...

Wow! Now that's some shell knowledge! Thanks Shellbelle! I better buy a book. Some places on the internet don't always give accurate info. I'll have to rely on you and Pam before I make any more blunders like that!!!

Shelllady, I will certainly let you in on any tips I discover (and have discovered) along the way! I use a drill press, too, for some shells ;)

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