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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


After spackling and painting I am having some trouble putting things back on the walls. Not only can I not decide where I want them to go, I don't want a bunch of holes in my beautiful Pink Grapefruit, and Pink Flamingo walls. I know I could use the 3M stickies to hang things, but I am a pound a nail into the wall kind of gal....or I used to be! I am down to just a few more pictures, and I have some blank spaces, and some items have been moved into another room. I'm hoping to begin sewing my window treatments for the living room soon!

I revamped a broken coral aquarium piece...
added turbo tacky glue
and sand
and a vase filled with small white rock, and the broken coral, with shells glued around the top
The peacock feathers are from hubby's grandma's farm back in the early 80's. We gathered them so long ago, and have so very few left. Over the years I've removed the broken feathers, and cut them down...some had to be thrown away...but they are very old, and have sentimental value to us.

I did a little change up on some old oil lamps, too! The metal has been sprayed with antique bronze paint, and I put some shells inside.
I absolutely hated these oil lamps...now I love them!

I also made a candle.
I'm working on the net over the aquarium...
and I made the cutest earring for my cartilage piercing!
I LLLLLOVE this earring!

I've done some sea life stencils...
Very simple chalk art. I really like these...they are plain...and well, simple!

This is a little of what I've been up to!

My bedroom curtains have been rehung, and my 2nd comforter came. When my walls are bedecked, I will take some pics :) Bear with me...good things come to those who wait. and wait. and wait.

I got the supplies I was waiting for :) I'm hoping to get to that today!
Can you believe I miss Etsy, and making jewelry everyday? I do. I really, really do!



Shelllady said...

Wow Della, It all looks SO GREAT!!! You did a great job on everything!! Can't wait to see more pics!! Thanks for sharing!!

Theresa said...

I love the colors and those lamps are really neat! Can't wait to see the completed project!

Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Everything is really coming together nicely. I love the earring - what a clever idea!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my goodness girlfriend! When you decide to get things done...you do it in a BIG way! You've been a busy bee! Of course I LOVE your new earrings! I don't have a piercing in that spot but I wear a cuff there! LOVE LOVE LOVE the candle! I wonder why I can't put together something like that! (I need some sand now) heehee! And all of your decor is wonderful! Keep making that jewelry! It's what you do best! Enjoy this incredible weather! Hugs, Diane ♥♥♥

Rachel said...

i am really diggin what you did to those oil lamps!! They look fantastic, and I love the chalk stencils. perfection in your new room :)

-rachel w k

Sheryl Hastings said...

Everything looks beautiful! Looks so very beachy!

I like the nail idea better. The 3M things are great unless you just painted your walls. I've used those things for many years for my Christmas decorations. Last year I used them again and two of them ripped the paint off the walls. The only thing different was that I had just painted the walls a month before. I think that freshly painted walls will still get ruiined if you use those.

So I say, stick with the nails for freshly painted walls. It looks great!!!!

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