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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun at Epcot

Hello! Are you ready for another tour around Epcot?

Shae snapped a pic of us going into the park...we are excited!

Hubby played a racing game. It was something to do with being on a mission as a spy, and catching the bad guy. He did very well, and became a super spy... or something like that!

We do like to clown around a bit, as you will see.
Hubby would have been a fierce and handsome Viking! He does have some Norwegian blood flowing through his veins.
He's a bit too tall to pass for Chinese though!
Shae spotted a pay phone....check out that expression. LOL We had no idea these still existed!
I had her complete the pose!
 Here we are in Italy...the sun was in my eyes even with my shades on...the reason for the crabby look.
 The mosaics in Morocco are phenomenal!
  Did you know they brought mosaic artist from Morocco to do the mosaic work at Epcot???
Heather enlightened us. She worked at Disney World/Epcot for 4 years, she also really knows her way around the parks!
There's a Cranberry Bog in Epcot right now...I guess for the fall and holiday season.
I love cranberries! Sauces, and Craisins, and anything you can put them in!
Hubby saw spotted this BIG toad, or frog. These lily pads are huge, too.

I'm kind of a nature nut! I see wildlife, or pretty plants and scenery and I have to take pics.
This was taken inside of Italy on our way to the Gondola ride.
Even the drinking fountains were dressed up.
I even got a couple of shots of Beast and Belle!
They look exactly the same to me. I don't think a single person moved between my shots!
 More mosaics in another area...these were really amazing, and covered both side of an entrance about 25 ft long!
This was on our way out...I look beat! Didn't get a chance to paste a smile on :)
The end of the day...aaahhhhh. I am full! bloated! and tired!

Tomorrow I'll show you around inside the greenhouse at Epcot. It is truly amazing! I sure have been rethinking my gardening strategy!!!

Have a GREAT Day! See you tomorrow!



Melissa said...

Love Epcot....Morocco was my favorite country. Hubby and I enjoyed the boat ride in Mexico too.

Epcot is probably the closest that I will ever get to leaving the states. LOL

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Love your photos! The peach colored top you're wearing is such a good color for you! And I see your pretty jewelry! Looks like fun...and a long tiring day! But I'm so glad you took time to take some great photos to share! Get some rest, my friend! ♥

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, this is amazing! I've never seen it...It must be a wonderful trip!!!

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