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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hey there! I hope everyone had a good weekend, didn't lose power, and aren't burning up from the sweltering temps. Even though Florida is actually on the cool side compared to many places in the U.S, I spent most of the weekend indoors enjoying the AC. I'm quite a wimp when it comes to too much heat, or too much cold. Give me a nice even 85 degrees please! I did get out yesterday for the derby scrimmage, and the after party. It's always a blast hanging out with the derby crowd!

So, what's a scrimmage you ask? A scrimmage is a derby meet where gals from different teams from all over the state get together to form 2 teams, and the proceeds go to a local charity or organization of some sort. Last night the teams were the Tigers and the Leopards in Cat Scratch Fever. Shae was on the Leopards team. (and they won!) The proceeds went to Peace River Refuge & Ranch. They are currently in the process of moving the ranch to Marion county (where I live). A housing development is being built close to the refuge, so they need to move.

I did take pics, but was using Shae's camera, so she has all the pictures I took. I checked FaceBook but she hasn't posted any of them yet. I hope at least 56 of the 256 pics I took are decent!

While I was enjoying the AC this (past) weekend, I worked on my craftroom (now that the old couch is outta there) and made a light box to take my pics. There are some things I can't, or couldn't take pics of inside. Now I can.
 I do have a couple of more lights for it, and this is set up this way just for a pic of the box.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned making some wedding items. I tried taking pics, but flat didn't work for these. So, I bought a cheap styrofoam head and cheap a wig.

These pics are unedited! With just a little tweaking, they will be perfect. Like this one (above) needs to be cropped.

This was just playing with it, and testing it out. When I get serious imagine what I can do!

This setup will be awesome for taking pics of my barrettes and hair pins. So excited to have this done!
These headbands will be perfect for a beach wedding, and I can do them in different colors and shells.

Each limpet shell I use has to have the edges filed a little. They are sharp! I don't just go all willy nilly gluing shells to things. Some do need a little smoothing, or a nice coat or three of gloss.

I'm going to be working on getting pics of necklaces on my display. I have several in my shop that are just flat pics, so I really need to show how they hang. It does help to sell them.

I have some cool earrings, and a couple of necklaces finished to show you this week, and am working on a home item for my shop, too. I also have a statement necklace in the works! I'm not rushing it though, it has to be perfect!

I have so much to do, I don't know where to start LOL!

I definitely do NOT have idle hands!

I'll see ya tomorrow with that abalone I mentioned last week!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wow - love the headbands and the model head does work to show them off properly. Nice!

Daniella said...

Hi Della! It's been too long!! How are you?
first, the scrimage sounds fun, and I am even whimpier then you! 50-79 is perfect 80 starts the "too hot" for me!! LOL!! and I have the same type of light box. I spray painted a card board box white and the pictures do come out awesome in it. you are a genius!! Your headband is so delicate and pretty!! Any bride would love that!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I wish I could wear shells in my hair. You make the most beautiful hair accessories. I like the wig for showing how they will look, too! Great idea! Enjoy your day...stay cool!

Sheryl Hastings said...

Love your light box. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to make or buy me one. It's perfect for your jewelry.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Ah, the lightbox is so clever and sure give you a beautiful result! Lovely!!

Have a wonderful 4th!!!

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