I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh Baby!

Last year when Lace and I went to Clearwater to do some shellin', I found some baby's ears. NO not REAL live baby babies ears! Seashell Baby's Ears!

These are such cute and delicate shells, and I positively adore them. I've had plans for a couple of them, and set them aside, along with some sterling silver chain and findings, some pearls, and crystals.

Being that they are such a delicate shell, they needed fine and delicate "surroundings".
I didn't even touch my dremel to these precious darlings. I used my mini manual hand drill!

My pics don't come close to showing this baby off.

This is the bracelet. It has little baby pearls to go with that darling baby's ear seashell.

This is the underside of the shell.
  I wish you could really SEE it!
Ah! My pics don't even come close to showing the beauty of this little bracelet.
I may have to try some natural daylight to get this to !POP!

I mentioned crystals, and as you can see, the bracelet doesn't have any on it.
The ANKLET does! Little Swarovski crystal faceted rounds at the ends of the coin pearls. These coin pearls have "tails" and I can't remember what they call them.
Love this! I've wanted to put this together for a LONG time, but you know how many other things and goings on have been going on at my house.
The underside of this baby...so delicate!
This very well could be my favorite so far...this anklet, and the bracelet. But I say that with most everything I make huh?!
You should see how darling it looks around an ankle! Think how nice this would look on someone with a tan! I know! Awesome, huh? You were imagining it weren't you?!

I'm chomping at the bit for the sun to rise high enough to get new pics of these so I can get them listed. It's worth a try.

I'll see you tomorrow for another seashell project that you can do to, and to tell you about something else I'm going to try.

And before I go, I'd like to welcome new followers! So glad you have joined, and hope you have some fun! And maybe see a project(s) you would like to do to!

See ya tomorrow!


Kerri Farley said...

Oh, they are lovely!!

I brought some shells back from my beach vacation .... wondering how I can "shine" them up. Is there something special you do to polish your shells?

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

How pretty and delicate! I have a pair of earrings made from baby ears that would look nice with that set.

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

So, so pretty and feminine! I bet it will be hard to let them go when they sell!

The Beaded Pillow said...

Lovely...and the coin pearls look perfect with the baby ear shell.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These are just adorable. They look lightweight and fun to wear! The shells are amazing! Have fun creating, my friend! You have a gift!

julie cavender said...

I've always loved baby's ears, shell or real!! Such beautiful work!

Roxanne Reinhart said...

Very pretty and so dainty looking. You are so good at this. I got my earrings and I love them. Than you

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