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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Playing with Shell Displays

Hello! I'm so glad you could join me again :)

Yesterday I said that I had been rearranging and playing with my shells. Since I do have so many, and I get more inspiration from looking at them, I brought some out of the craft room, and into the rest of the house.

I filled a fish shaped glass platter (that Diane gave to me) with some of my fighting conchs, and put a bowl filled with smaller ones in the middle of it.

They sit on this little 'lobster trap' table. The coconuts we found washed up on Daytona Beach after Sandy went by are beneath the table in the net.

I really love using natural things in my home decor.

Another simple thing I did, was wrap a couple of jars with rope, and fill them with shells.

Decorative vases make great shell containers for display. You can also rob your dishes for neat shaped bowls and platters! This clock was a gift from my daddy, and I love how my St.Augustine Lighthouse photo matches it. The faux coral is the one I won from Deb at Love of the Sea. Love that pop of red, and it draws out the red on the life preserver on the clock.

A little rearranging of the shells on this cool shelf that is above the TV in the entertainment center.
(It's a CD shelf) I've shown this before. When I dust this (which isn't very often to be truthful, lol) I forget which shell was where, so they don't always go back where they were!

An old candle jar filled with volute shells is a nice accent to this shelf of treasures.

A vase, a wine carafe, and a re-purposed candle jar are perfect for this shelf with a photo of hubs and I on Belleair Beach.

These are the scallops Cheri (shell lady) sent to me. I thought the  scallop platter was the perfect touch for these.

They are next to my small horseshoe crab....

in front of this shell lamp....

on this dolphin table in the corner. I still love my coral walls, too!

More scallops on a nautical plate. I think the last time I found a bunch of calico scallops was 2 years ago. They've been kind of scarce the last couple of years. I haven't found more than a handful of them over the last 2 summers, or jingles either!

I have had this bowl forever! The pretty blue really shows off the white thick lucinas. Love this!

Our Washington sand dollars, with the fossil Josh (our son in law) found in the Gulf while swimming and diving. I did a post on it, here. The urchins are here until I find a better place for them ;)

Cone shells in a starfish bowl that I picked up at the thrift store.

The matching starfish has my pieces of junonia, and my whole little junonia is buried under there, and my almost a whole junonia is under there, too. I have a couple more pieces to add to this. Maybe one day I'll have enough to glue them all together and make one BIG junonia! LOL!

These are all on my boat table, which was a gift from my dad :)

The coral bowl and the blue dish need to be swapped! Okay, I see another rearrangement coming up lol.

And of course I messed around with the dolphin table and my glass shelf in the dining room!

I'll  save that for next time:)

I still have TONS of shells in the craft room, too. My mind is constantly conjuring up uses for them. I'm sure I have many years of projects to play with!

The highlight of my summer was a visit from my daughters family! And we got to keep the grand kids for a month!!! We visited a couple of lighthouses, went to the beach, out on the boat, and the kids spent a LOT of time in the pool! More pics to come, and I'll eventually get to the charm bracelet I made for my grand daughter.

What was the highlight of your summer?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love everything!! Especially that lobster table -how cool.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have a beautiful collection of shells and fun ways to display them! Enjoy your afternoon my friend!

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

YOu got to keep grandkids for a month??!! So lucky! I love all of your shells and I want a horseshoe crab..so cool! I think your lobster trap table is killer and the CD shelf with the shells is so fun!

Melissa said...

OMG the horseshoe crab! I miss seeing those creatures.

You have such pretty shells!

All my shells are packed away and in storage. :( On the bright side I am a few projects away from finishing the house to put on the market so maybe I will be near the beach soon!

Shelllady said...

Just started 'catching up' with my Blogger Buddies and saw your beautiful displays! Love them all, especially the tables!! I see you are displaying the ORANGE scallops I found for you....I feel Famous!! :D

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