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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Monthly Social

Although we don't sell every time we go to a craft show, the social aspect is well worth our time and travels. This is the one day (or two if we do more than one show!) a month that I get to get out and socialize with other crafters.

I was on my way to taking pics of all the vendors, when my camera battery went dead...and I had just charged it, so it must be nearly done for. And I left the spare in the charger UGH. I did get some pics though :) I'll try to get the rest of our 'regulars' next time!

On the premises there are a few permanent structures....like the old train depot that is the heart of Harvest Village, where the creamery is located.....and Ray's Rusty Relics.

Ray has a LOT of really cool old signs and things in, on and around this building. The motorcycle isn't one of them. He rides this!

I ask permission to take these photos :)

I have no idea how old this sign is, but the cheapest I remember gas being when I was a kid was about 50 cents a gallon.

Neat stuff, huh?! He has some really old bicycles inside the shop! Ray is a cool ole' dude, and always makes coffee for the vendors.

We had a new vendor this time, too.

Renee Bauman from Quiet Bubbles Handmade Soap! She has the old fashioned soaps made with lye, and she has liquid soaps, too......and amazing moisturizer in a solid form for hands and body. I bought 3 bars of soap, and she gave me some of the moisturizer. I will be using it religiously, as my fingers are dry to the point of splitting, cracking, and peeling. OUCH!

She has a really nice set up, and she is a super nice lady!

Next time I have to get pics of Anna's booth. She is the coordinator of this shin dig, and we just love Anna! There are several vendors I missed because of not having that spare battery :(

Next month we are combining with the Farmers Market on the 1st Saturday. There will be a LOT of vendors, and baby animals, too! I'm really looking forward to this one! We will also do our regular 2nd Saturday show as well.

Okay, now for Lace's and my booths this time.

Laci was telling FaceBook that we were here :)

Laci has Finger Puppets! She made some for her little niece last year for Christmas, so she made some to sell, too. Laci made the little wooden stands to hold her puppets all by herself!

So so CUTE! If you buy a set of four, you get a little drawstring bag to carry them in!

Kids play food, catnip toys, a cupcake pin cushion, and if you are already a crocheter, or knitter.... sets of stitch markers :)

Although we don't like the cold, we are hoping it does get cold enough for her to sell some hats! It sure was chilly Saturday morning, and Ray's coffee really hit the spot!

I didn't change much, just made room for new stuff.

I'm getting a dowel to hold the bottom of my sign straight!

Seashell Ornaments
More Seashell Ornaments

Starfish Headbands

Mermaid and Seashell Bookmarks
Stretch Bracelets

My wine glass charms.....where I screwed up and labeled them at $12 a set, and my sign says $15.
OOOOOOPS! Gotta fix that!

Seashell Key Chains

Notice the new earrings? There will be more before the next show!

You've seen these two seashell pins.....

and then I made these three!

I'm working on getting all of the hanging necklaces on necklace cards. My dear Laci did these for me. Until she ran out of cards. I have to order more. Which means I have used 100 of them already!

Solid Brass Nautical Necklaces

A slightly different necklace display this time. The white on the outside, and the black on the inside. The far inside of the pegboard display is too far for people to reach into, so needs to be filled in with reachable items.

The purple necklace and earrings on the far right display are new! They have sea turtle charms on them, and the necklace has amethyst and faceted pearls.

I'm trying to have everything look neat, orderly, and packaged!

I intended to set out an organza bag with an item in it, and a black velvet bag with a pearl necklace spilling out of it, along with one of my stamped pillow boxes with ribbon to show they come packaged and ready to give. But I forgot! GRRRRRR. So, I really hope I remember to next time! I think it would really be beneficial!

So that's my tour of the November Harvest Village Show. I didn't sell a darn thing, but I do have fun socializing!

OH! I did make other ornaments....I made these for Laci and posted them on FaceBook on Friday.

Laci's Christmas Tree theme is Snowmen! Like I said on Facebook.....they aren't quite perfect, but they are perfectly cute! And she loves them, so that's what matters the most!

I've started cleaning house and prepping for Thanksgiving. Are you ready for the holidays to begin?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I am shocked that you didn't sell anything. Were there a lot of people there? Your booth looks fab and everything is displayed and packaged so nicely. You're doing a great job.

Tell Laci I am so jealous of her crocheting talent. Wow!

Migrainista said...

Looks great as always - you have such a talent Della!

We're traveling for Thanksgiving so all my prepping has surrounded getting me and the dog ready for a week away from home. Can't wait!

Marina@Picnic at Marina said...

Hi Dell, what a beautiful booth you have there! I love those flip-flops, they are cute! I am not ready for the holidays, I am ready for it to be over though... :) This year is busy, not too much time to be relaxed during the holidays...

Roxanne Reinhart said...

I love that train depot. And your booth looks so very, very good! I cannot believe you did not make a sale. But what a fun thing for mother and daughter to do. And like you said you get out of the house and meet new people.
Have a great week!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your booth is looking better and better. You have such a wonderful variety of items now...I'm sorry you didn't have any buyers. It was such a beautiful day...I'm surprised more people didn't stop by. Laci sure makes the cutest finger puppets! She is talented like her Mom! I'll be looking at your Etsy listings today! Hugs!

julie cavender said...

Your booth looks great. I'm sorry you didn't sell. Craft shows can be such a hit or miss thing. But I understand about the getting out to see other artists. That was always fun.

That was a cool, old place with all the old signs. I DO remember gas that cheap when I first started driving. 1972.

I can't believe T-day is next week! My house is a wreck. Maybe I'll get it together before then.

I need to find your facebook page. Is it on your blog?

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