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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seashell Pins for Ladies

It was really time for me to get back to playing with shells, so that is what I have been doing :)

I've been working off and on making some seashell pins for ladies that can be worn anytime, or for special occasions like weddings. I knew I wanted to use paper figs cause they are one of my favorites, and they are just made to be filled with flowers! The idea started with a boutineer, but I really haven't any 'manly' flowers right now. So a ladies pin/brooch or corsage is what I made.

I love feminine girly things....and this IS!

I used a smaller size paper fig for this one. Wouldn't it be so cute on a jean jacket, too?

I really like this one too, it's a bit dressier maybe....

Navy and red are classics together, and this would be so pretty on a dress or a blazer.

And then I got really colorful, and made some more wine glass charms! You could of course use them on water goblets, beer mugs, or whatever floats your boat :D The idea is to not get your glass mixed up with someone elses! As long as the glass has a stem or handle!

 Two of the sets are this size.

And one set is just a tad smaller. These tiny spiral turitellas are so cute! You may have caught a glimpse of this set on my craft show table ;) I'm going to make these a made to order item in my Etsy shop.

I could do the same with the pins too, and have color variations....you choose the flower colors. Etsy has added so many new features for sellers, and sure beats the old way of listings items. At least listing an item is on one page now instead of....I think it was FIVE. Five pages to go through to list an item in the 'old days'. It was maddening! Especially if Etsy had a hiccup and you got booted.....then you had to start all over because it didn't save. Or if your power flickered and went out for a minute. UGH!

If you have been to my shop you may have noticed I have been skimming a few bucks off some of my items. I have to be competitive for the local shows, but I want my shop prices to be the same as my in person prices.

I have so many new beads to play with, so I hope to have something amazing to show you soon! I also have necklaces to string if I would just quit being so lazy.

This weekend is another Harvest Village show! I'm getting ready for that!

See you soon!
Have a great day!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The pins are really pretty and a great idea. If used for a wedding they will make a nice keepsake too.

And I may have to start drinking wine just to use the wine charms - those are so cute!!

julie cavender said...

The wine charms! What a great idea! The pins are very elegant. You just keep coming up with new stuff.

I hear you about the old listing pages. It is sooo much easier now. I don't use the variations myself, my things are pretty much what you see is what you get. But I can see that it must be easier for people who can do multiples of the same piece. So you can offer lots of choices and get all those custom orders.

Good luck with your show!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Can't stop to chat...gotta go look in your Etsy shop! heehee! Bye!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm back! I just had to see what you had listed that I haven't seen! lol I still see a couple of bracelets calling my name...I better give them some serious thought! Love the sweet pins you are making. The navy and red is my fav! Enjoy your day! It's nice and cool this morning! Hugs!

Ames said...

Very nice Della. You just keep coming up with the niftiest things!~Ames

Sheryl Hastings said...

I love those wineglass charms! They are adorable!!!

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