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Friday, November 9, 2012

Seashell Christmas Ornaments

Yay! It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And tomorrow is craft show day at Harvest Village! If it's as cold tomorrow morning as it is this morning, I will be bundled up like there is snow on the ground :P
It's 37 degrees! BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Coat, hat, gloves, scarf, socks and REAL shoes weather! And I'll be sellin seashells in the cold lol until it warms up to that promised 77 degrees in the afternoon :)

I totally despise cold weather, and I'm so very thankful that it's a rarity here!

I have several new items I've added to my stock :) One of them is seashell ornaments.

Pink sun and moon shells make great shell ornaments.

A coat of Glamour Dust paint in Ice Crystal adds a nice Christmasy touch :)

A set of white sun and moon shells with gar fish scale 'poinsetties' on them with a coat of clear gloss added for protection and shine.

These might be my favorites. Okay, they probably ARE my favorites! Yeah, they are :D

I really think my tree needs a set of these poinsetties!

I only did two sliced shell ornaments, cause that is all I had in this size of sliced shells.

A little Glamour Dust paint in Gold Glitz makes this sliced shell ornament sparkle and shine!

This is a different kind of shell, it's a tibia....the same kind of shell I made a mermaid crown out of. (That is another post!)

The jingle bells are fun and Christmasy.

Love this one, too! Okay, so I really do love'em all!

There may be some new additions to my Christmas tree this year!

So should I sell my sun and moon shells individually? in sets of 3? sets of 4? or sets of 6?
I'm thinking $4 each for the sliced shells, and $3 each for the pink and $4 for the poinsettias. With a slight discount for sets.

If you want any of these ornaments email me quick and I'll do a custom listing in my Etsy shop for you!

I still have some white spiral turitella shells to turn into ornaments, and some starfish. I also made a necklace and earrings, and new mermaid bookmarks. Today I'm finishing up the mini shepard  hook bookmarks, too. What ever I don't sell tomorrow will be photo'd and listed in my shop :D

I'll see you on Monday with craft show pics and tales, and I've got to show you my new purple shell necklace and earrings. Dark purple shells!

Have a great weekend!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love them! I think I like the sun and moon shells best! They look so elegant and will really shine in candle light and Christmas lights. You've made so many different types. Won't they make nice gifts! Sweet hugs!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Love the ornaments - it's hard to pick a favorite cuz they are all beautiful. Sets of 3 might be a good idea.

Good luck tomorrow at the show. I hope it's a good one!

Migrainista said...

Those are so adorable!

Hope it warms up for you soon dear Della.

Sheryl Hastings said...

These ornaments are adorable! The first time I ever met my sister in law she gave us all a snowman ornament made out of shells. To this day it is my favorite. I wonder if the person who made it knows how special it is to me. Just think that somewhere there are people thinking the same thing about the things you made when they were given as gifts.

I hope your show went well and I'll be looking forward to the pictures.

Cheryl said...

Oh those pink shells are gorgeous. There is a person up here who does shell decorations and I see she has made starfish santas for sale this year. Paints them red, white and black...

Life in Rehab said...

Just dreamy! You do such gorgeous, ethereal work, my fellow mermaid!

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