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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Our weather has been lovely, with temps in the high 70's and into the 80's (except for tomorrow!)

Who would even know or guess....
that you can find a spider this BIG this time of the year?! But with spring like weather, nothing has really gone into hibernation.

*WARNING* if you have a spider phobia click away now!


I mean I am giving you a chance to not see the biggest spider you ever saw that wasn't a tarantula or a banana spider.

Click away.


He doesn't look so big and scary here, does he?

You would not believe how difficult it was to put my hand that close to that huge spider. If I could have gotten just a little closer.....he probably would have jumped on me EEEEEEK! And you could see even better just how HUGE it is!

I know this isn't very Christmasy, but this was YESTERDAY right outside the garage back door. I knew I had to share this with you, and grabbed my camera. Oh yeah, and it's a wolf spider.

Hopefully I will be back soon with something pleasant to share with you!

Happy Ho Ho Holidays!


Cheryl Kraynak said...

Wow!! Yeah, you're brave! Bet he liked your electric blue nail polish too! How'd you like to have a bunch of them decorating your X'mas tree?

Shelllady said...

AARRGGGHH! How freaky is that?? Yuck!! ...but very cool, glad it wasn't here though!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

OMG - that IS the largest spider I've ever seen. Love your blue nails!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm not REAL afraid of spiders but I could NOT have put my hand up there that close! EEEE! Love your nails! How cute are YOU! Sweet hugs!

julie cavender said...

I hate spiders and no way I would have put my hand that close! We get those wolf spiders here, too, but most everything is gone now.

I like the blue nail polish!

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