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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's Hit the Beach!

I never knew my mother in law was a beach bum. We've never been near the water together until this year. How crazy is that? Very I say! (that I didn't know)

I knew that they always went to Long Beach when they lived in Washington. Dad fished, and dug for razor clams. They had a boat back in the old days. I just didn't know that my very proper mom in law enjoyed the beach. And boating. And shelling! WooHoo!

Right before they came to Florida, they had been in Mexico, and mom had her feet in the Pacific ocean. Her goal was all 3 bodies of salt water this year....and I helped her accomplish that goal :)

I took them over to Daytona, cause you HAVE to go to the world's most famous beach while in Florida. It's only 69 miles from my house! Mom was disappointed that this wasn't the beach where I found my shells, but we did find a few, and I found some pieces of angel wings and a tulip. I have never found anything like that at Daytona before. So, this is when I learned of mom's desire to get her feet in the Atlantic....and the Gulf. So I promised her a trip to the Gulf again before they left. So she could find some shells. She wanted to find her OWN shells. We know just how she feels, huh?

Dad's a pretty beachy fella, too!

I missed getting pics of mom walking in the water  :(

It was overcast that day, and the tide was coming IN, so after a couple of hours, we loaded up and headed for home. It sure was fun to hear about their trips to Long Beach, and dad deep see fishing off the coast of Washington.

On their last day here, before we took them to the airport, we headed down just past Belleair, to Indian Rocks Beach.

I brought my sand toys, and shelling tools :)

Mom found the most perfect BIG Scotch Bonnet!

FROM HER CHAIR!!!! I wish I had thought to take a pic of it.

See mom's cool shoes? They are called Skeletoes by Fila. She loved mine and tried them on, so we went and bought her a pair....and she wore them everywhere everyday! They are really comfortable.

Simple (and old) gardening tools make great shelling implements!

I found a few pieces of Junonia! They aren't all brown and white, but some are more of a rusty orange dotted white/cream.

It sure was a beautiful day on the Gulf Coast!

And I have some new photos to make frames for!

I love this pic of mom and dad....

It looks like they are tee hee'ing over a shared secret :D
I can tell mom is grinning!

I think they had a pretty good vacation...


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I think it looks like they had a great time. You got some fab photos!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love that you got some group photos! You all look beautiful at the beach! I'm so glad you got to see so much and have fun together! Making memories! Sweet hugs, Diane

julie cavender said...

Fun times! I love that piece of coral you found. At least I think that was coral. You make a great tour guide!

Unknown said...

Hope your folks enjoyed themselves. The beach is always better with family!

Cheryl K said...

Missed you! Oh you've been out having some fun. Cabin fever up here, some Arctic air on the way. Boooo! I love looking at your warm ocean and sand pictures. Do they make Skeletoes in purple? How fun is it to find a shell from your chair! Glad you had so much fun.

Della said...

Cheryl, they DO make Sleletoes in purple! Momma P gave me a pair for Christmas but I had to exchange them cause they were too small. I have gray on black now.

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