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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seashore Sunday Remembering 9-11

Today, we look back, and remember...

We will never, ever, forget.

Where were you 10 years ago when the Twin Towers, and Pentagon were attacked? What were you doing when you found out?

I was at my computer, chatting on Ivillage...in the foodies room. My aunt called and she was hysterical...rightly so.
"Turn on the TV! We've been attacked!"

I tuned in, and I spent the day watching news coverage...
I felt shocked, outraged, sympathetic, sad... and SCARED!

I remember feeling grateful that I didn't live in a large US city,
and feeling sorry for those who did.

We were all watching, and waiting to see if there would be anymore attacks.
and we watched rescue efforts...
prayed for them all.

We will always remember.
We will never forget.

We will enjoy our Freedom!

 and everything about living in the USA!



Kaybe said...

That day is etched in all of our memories. What a neat flag on the beach picture. God bless America.

Shelllady said...

I actually spent the day on the road to Philadelphia...my Hubby was flying to California that morning! Left Newport News around 7:00 am to Philly...then on to LA. In Philly, they were about to board, and had to empty the plane to clean it, before they could board....Thank Goodness!! He called me right after the second plane hit....I jumped in the car and in 5 hours I had him!! Something we will NEVER forget!! He did finally fly to LA on one of the first flights back in the air.....we don't fly much now!!

God Bless America!!

julie cavender said...

We will always remember that day. Watching the TV in horror as the towers fell and hoping, somehow, some had survived. Crying every time a flag draped body was carried out. I still get choked up talking about it.

We weren't personally touched but that day all Americans became family.

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