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Monday, August 6, 2012

Seashell Statement Necklaces

Some time ago, someone asked me to make an aqua statement necklace. After searching for the components for this necklace, I actually ended up making two necklaces. One in aqua, and one in a gorgeous blue hue that I cannot even name a color for it. Maybe "ocean blue"???? Since the ocean does have so many variances in color depending on which part of the world you are in, which ocean it is, or even the time of day and cloud cover can change the color. So many colors of blue could be called ocean blue.

Let's look at the aqua necklace first!

This abalone shell has been polished to reveal all of the pretty colors in it, and they are AQUA!

I actually Googled "statement necklace" for the definition: jewelry that makes a statement or stands out;
a necklace that grabs your attention; a piece that makes a statement to the wearer, and reflects their personality.
It doesn't have to be big and bold to make a statement, but this one sure is! I am fascinated by the pearls in this necklace, which is why I chose them. They have such a uniqueness about them with all of their weird shapes, and they are so loaded with nacre that they glisten and shine. Simple amazonite  gemstone rondelles, and aqua button pearls carry the color of the shell into the rest of the necklace. Oh yeah, and I used sterling silver on this baby!

I love it! I do, I do, I do!!!!

Now to talk myself into selling it. Hmmmmm.

The next one... I call it "A Net of Treasure".


 The 'net' is wire mesh....and also makes up the cording for the necklace. Don't worry, it's soft to the touch! Not at all wire-y.

A pretty pearled abalone shell is the centerpiece of this unique statement necklace. Aren't those little 'treasures' in the 'net' just darling???!!!!

There's even a wentletrap in there!

Big hole pearls, chunky angelite gemstone beads, and some light blue seaglass make up the rest of my statement necklace.

I think BOTH of these necklaces perfectly reflect my seashell  & ocean lovin' personality! I'd love to keep them both!

Do you think I've made a statement?


Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Love them! Want the first oneL)

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Oh my! You've totally made a statement...a couple of them! I love them both...but the second one is intriguing with it's little net of treasures! Nice job!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The net of treasures is FAB! I've never seen anything like it. So creative Del!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! You need to make more of these! The first one is gorgeous and the shell is exquisite! But what can I say...the second one is my all time favorite now! That pretty 'net' with the tiny seashells just melts my heart! Each one that you create is unique and beautiful...just like you! WOW!

A. Alexandra said...

I really like the statement necklaces. They are definitely an eye catcher. Make more!

Roxanne Reinhart said...

Hello Del, sorry I've been absent for a while. The whole work thing is keeping me so busy. Your necklaces are amazing. I love the treasure in the net. Like Kim said so creative Della. They definitely make a statement

Marina@Picnic at Marina said...

I love the aqua necklace, I do, I do! :) I need one...

Cheryl said...


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