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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Table Skirt Sneak Peek!

I was so excited by how this looks, that I had to snap some pics and share it with ya'll!

Excuse the tackle boxes on top of the table...the rafia skirt keeps pulling the "table cloth" down in front without something to hold it in place. That won't be a problem when I'm doing the shows. There will be lots of stuff on the table to keep it in place!

This is the laundry room side of my garage. Water heater, fishing poles, my big sink are all on this side, too.

This table cloth aka a sheet is actually a dark aqua, and matches my theme/logo very well. I'm hoping to shoot some pics of this outdoors soon :)

I must tell you what a time I have had with the velcro. I bought the sew on kind, and while sewing it on my sheet moved and they weren't quite even, even though I marked it with a seamstress pencil. So, I bought the stick on kind with intentions to sew it in place permanently once they are all in place. Two packages did one table....so, it's back to the store for more velcro!

I can't wait to do the mock up!!!!

Okay, now let's see some of those earrings and  things I mentioned before.

 These are sweet earrings :) Perfect for a beach wedding, and complete with something blue!

These are pierced look clip ons, and I have them in silver also. I need to use more of these! They don't pinch either :)

These are fun! I have more FUN earrings for the younger gals, too.

Mini Spiral Turritella Shells in gold....

 and silver ear wires.
I have colored wire in several colors, so will be doing more of these, and also some wire in silver.
I think 18 to 20 something year olds will like these.

I'm running low on charm bracelets.....

so I made a simple charm bracelet...I'll be making more (I hope!) next week.

Such cutie little shells!

Now, before I show you this barrette, I have to say that I cleaned off the glue smudges AFTER I took the pics. Remember I shoot in MACRO, with an OTT light, and the glue smudges really aren't noticeable in person!!!!! I took the pics and they really highlighted them. So I cleaned off the little bits on there.

The beads are agate, and I can't remember what the little black auger type shells are. I guess I better look them up ;) The cats eye shell in the center is an operculum from a sea snail. The operculum is the "trap door" to protect them from predators.

Out of all of the earrings today, my faves are the white shells with pearls and angelite.

Tomorrow, necklaces again! I have 2 new pearl/beaded ones, and might have some more beaded.

I do have a few new shells on chain that I did Wednesday. It is actually still Wednesday as I write this!

I drilled a bunch of shells so that I can just pick a shell, and pick what will go best with it, and make it!

ALL of these have holes in them! Some are found, and some are bought. I really have more fun and enjoy working with my found on the beach shells :D

Have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The table skirt looks great - I really like that. And the first pair of earrings is my favorite!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

When I look at that tray of shells with holes drilled....ready to make jewelry...my heart skips a beat! WOW! I love your table, too but I need to tell you that the stick on velcro has some problems. The glue doesn't stay stuck in our humidity AND you can't sew it! When the needle goes through the sticky...it gooeys up the needle and your sewing machine will break the thread. I hope you try it before you buy any more. You could always sew the sew in kind and then trim the fabric even. I should have written this in an email! lol Hugs!

Sheryl Hastings said...

Your table looks great! That skirt would absolutely draw me in. The jewelry is beautiful. You are going to do so well at your show. The first earrings are beautiful and I'm in love with those spirals!

I really can't wait to see the picture of the entire display. It's going to be the pretties display at the show!!!!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You know I have been waiting to see that display! It looks fab! (I'm a fan of the stick on velcro.) I also have to say that those first earrings are gorgeous and remind me of tassels. And...the ones with the coil wrapped around them..oh so beautiful! You are awesome girl!

Unknown said...

Oh Gosh, I LOVE that charm bracelet! And all the earrings! You have Talent!

Migrainista said...

Love that table and the jewelry! Looking forward to seeing the pics from the show. You're going to clean up at that show :)

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