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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seashells on Chains

Hey there!

I do have more earrings to show you, but thought I'd do some necklaces today.

I also want to apologize for sleeping in this morning, and delivering a late post. I did get some much needed sleep, and woke up to having to edit/crop/scale to size a bunch of pics. It takes forever when there are so many. I did take more pics of the Dentalium Earrings...I'll show ya a couple of them at the end of the post!

I made this necklace about 2 weeks ago I think. I know it has been quite a while, maybe even 3 weeks ago. I am such a bad blogger! Too much to do and not enough hours in the day...and not enough hands either :P

This is such a cute necklace! Most of my pics of this came out really bad, so I need to take more :(
I like this one a LOT! I found these shells in a Daytona shop, and then found more of them at my new favorite seashell shop. I've heard that Rose Tellins can be found in Sanibel. Maybe one of these days I'll get down there again and find some on the beach!

This white shell came from a white shell mix I bought for wedding items. Someone had inquired about an all white shell hair barrette. Some of the shells are just too perfect not to use in jewelry, and some were so large that I sent them to my daughter in Utah. She is adding some seashells into her decor. I also sent her some of my Caladesi Island and Honeymoon Island shells :D


Several of these pics turned out really well!

I still have a few of those heart shaped pearls, and just had to use one with this on the heart chain.

The crystals are Light Emerald, and I think they really pop next to the white. Pretty!

This next seashell necklace on a chain is reversible!

It's an abalone shell that hasn't been polished down to the mother of pearl. I really like the natural look of it.

Flip it over to reveal the mother of pearl, and a cool little nautilus shaped shell with a pearl drop. This necklace is looooong! The chain measures about 32 inches, and the shell with the bail measures 3 1/2 inches. I know some ladies like longer necklaces, and this one is made for them!

Coming up next, I have a new charm bracelet, and those other earrings, too. Oh, and a new hair barrette I made with a cats eye shell (operculum of a sea snail) and some cute little nearly black auger type shells.

I also have beaded necklaces that I haven't taken pics of yet, so I'm hoping to get to that soon.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get velcro stitched onto the sheets for my tables. I would really like to get that out of the way, so I can do a full mock up of my arrangement for the show.

So now some retakes of those Dentalium Shell Earrings!

I have never had such a hard time choosing the pics I was going to use for a listing. So many of these came out well...that last one is a little blurred close in, but I do love the angle of it.

I think my faves are on the "wood". It's scrapbook paper! When I get enough pics of it to use in my shop, this "wood" will be a new beachy addition.

Today I plan to drill some of my Belleair Beach shells! And sew some velcro!

See you tomorrow!!!!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

WOW! You have so many new items! I love the very first necklace...you should make lots of these! And the new earrings look great with the 'wood' background. I don't know how you keep coming up with new designs...each one more beautiful than the one before! Seashell hugs!

Eyelah said...

These all look great! I really like the brass heart chain. tres...cute.(like my french)

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