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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Learning Experience

I decided before the show that I was going to use the first one as a learning experience. Maybe even the first two. It was fun, I sold stuff! And I did learn a few things.

1. It pays to do your research! I did a LOT of research on setting up craft show booths. I started studying layouts months ago when a friend (Kim!) sent me links to check out. Over the past couple of weeks, I started Pinning ideas. It helped to see others booth set ups.

2. Don't forget the OFF! We were nearly eaten alive in the predawn and early morning hours before the sun came up...which took a while because of the RAIN.

3. Be prepared for RAIN....and I was, thanks to Karen! She suggested tarps, duct tape, and bungee cords. My canopy protected most everything, except for what I had on the ladder, which I moved closer in during the storm. I had rolls of plastic....hubby's tarps are HUGE and far too bulky for me to manage. The plastic saved me. Had it been a blowing rain, I would have covered everything in plastic. It was a downpour, and came down in nice straight sheets.

4. Take an extra shirt! Our shirts were WHITE. They weren't by the time we were done, lol. On the way I spilled some coffee on my nice bright white shirt. UGH! I backed into/rubbbed up against something black. I'm guessing it was that cushy trim around the back door of my SUV. No more white! An extra shirt would have been nice to have.

5. Love Bugs LOVE white, and light colors! They loved me, Laci, and my tent. The poles are white, and the canopy is light colored on the inside. It was very obvious that they were preferring white over dark colors, as we, and the vendor next to us observed this preference. Now I know why hubby's white Tahoe gets so covered in love bugs.

6. I need to streamline my set up for future shows! My vehicle was packed, and I mean packed. We couldn't have stuck a pretzel in there.....but Laci did bring home a cat, so hubby had to load some things in the other car to go home. LOL!

I did get some pictures! Which I was worried I wasn't going to....because I thought I forgot my camera. It was in a ziploc bag in the bottom of my bag, and Lace couldn't find it. After we got settled in, I dug til I unearthed it.

Standing sideways to hide my coffee drippage....not very flattering to my figure.
Laci wanted a funny face, so I gave her one :)
And of course she looks FANTASTIC is both of her pics!
My barrette clipped above a pony tail. I think I really need one of my aqua abalone shell barrettes!!! I sold my favorite one, though. It had the most beautiful color, and was so smooth, too.
A better close up....and you can really see my gray...but hey, those are sparkles. Do you know what gals are paying to have 'sparkles' added to their hair???? A LOT! Mine were free, and came naturally :)

And look who stopped by?! My good friend Diane, from Lavender Dreams, and her hubby!
What a look of concentration! Or indecision? She had a hard time picking out what she wanted....I think she said she wanted it ALL! It was so good to see her! And she was wearing my colors!!! So pretty :)

My momma stopped by too, and I didn't get a picture. I was excited to see her, too...and not sure if I had found my camera yet.

Next time I will try to take MORE pictures....if I have time. People will be Christmas shopping by then!

I did sell 7 items....and not just to Diane, lol.

I'm going to get busy preparing for the next one....well, actually there are 3 next month, and then at least 2 more before the end of the year....maybe more! We have a local craft fair in town, and I'd like to attend that as well.

Have I said what a great time we had?! We did! It was fun, and we are excited to go back and do it again. I will be giving out some info on the next one as soon as I can find the flyers I brought home. I just barely started unpacking before I started this post.

I have some new supplies I haven't had a chance to use, and some on order that should be here soon. I can't wait to get back to work and make some more pretty seashell things!

Thanks for bearing with me for this long winded post!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Let's see...you could add #7...charge friends double when they touch everything, try on most of it, stand in front of other customers and even ask hubby to help her decide! heeheehee! Oh, but everything is so much more beautiful in person. Photos do not show the detail of each shell or the way the colors work together! I love the earrings and cute ring that I got! But I may be over in Etsy shopping later today! lol It was FUN! Your booth was fantastic! I'll have a post up tomorrow! Hugs!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Everything at your booth looks fantastic, including you and Laci! Funny how rain always seems to be a factor when you have something planned for outdoors. That's why I always preferred the inside shows.

You sound so happy and enthusiastic about your jewelry - it's the perfect thing for you to be doing! And wasn't it nice of Diane to stop by.

Migrainista said...

It does look like such fun - and your whole booth looks great! I'm sorry you had rain to deal with though.

Sheryl Hastings said...

Your display looked great! Congratulations on your sales. Great tips to remember for future shows. If I lived closer, I'd definitely stop by.

Cheryl Kraynak said...

I think you had a very successful first effort, despite the challenges. Way to go! And many more...

Eyelah said...

that is exciting that you sold! Looks like you had a good time despite the weather. Hopefully your next show will be even better.

julie cavender said...

Well, congrats on your sales! Sorry about the rain. :( You'll be a seasoned veteran by the end of the year. I love the big shell barrette you were modeling.

Ames said...

Where are you going to be next? Maybe you could do a post to let some of us know? :)

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