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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh My!

Oh my! is right....

You will NOT believe what I did last night.

Hubby and I were watching video's on our daughters blog, getting teary eyes and runny noses, and unbeknownst to me, my dog, Zach, was laying directly behind me at my feet. I turned around to walk away, tripped over his 80 pound furry body, and went down HARD on rough indoor/outdoor carpet covered concrete. (we were in my craft room) Oh how I cried! Like a baby.

My left knee took the worst of it, and is still hot, swollen, and sore this morning...and skinned up. Right knee isn't much better. My hands, wrists, and right shoulder are messed up, and I have various bruises, broken blood vessels, and scraped up skin. I am sore! My wrists are almost as sore as my knees. I'm sure I'll be as good as new in a couple of days....and poor Zachy looked so apologetic. He felt so bad for making momma fall. He gave me kisses, and then didn't know whether to give me some space, or hang close to make sure I was alright. I gave him lots of loves and assured him it was NOT his fault. I was hot and then cold, and then hot and cold all night long. I guess from the trauma of having so many places hurt? It's something I won't soon forget.

I am such a klutz anyway, and am constantly tripping over my own feet, and running into walls and things. I need to watch where the heck I'm going! And I KNOW that Zach is always RIGHT THERE by my side. He has been my little buddy since the day he was born. He has been my constant shadow since he could walk. He is never very far from my side, and usually right at my feet. When will I learn to watch where I'm going?

Enough of my boo hooing! Let's take a look at some frames I did!

These are simple, but time consuming to do.
I started with a small, cheap, metal frame.

I took a nail file to it to rough it up some, and then added some adhesive (E600 or QuickDry) I actually used both, as one was missing when I went to make the other one.

Michaels sells crushed shell in bags, and I bought a bag of it, and dumped some into a coffee can lid. Then dunked, and redunked, reglued, and dunked again until I covered each frame in crushed shell. After it dried, I glued a sliced shell to each one.

I love how they turned out, and I will be making more of them. I bought a bunch of these mini frames. I'm going to use whole shells instead of sliced shells on the next ones, though. These are small, and the perfect size for desk top photos.

I've been making some more things using my super adhesives, and I hope to show them to you soon!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Della, you are so lucky you didn't break anything. Try soaking in the tub with Epsom salts. My dogs are always near me too and I've tripped over them so often. They can't help it they love us so much that they want to be near us. Heal quick!

Migrainista said...

Oh my is right. Ouch! I'm so glad you didn't break anything but ouch. Sounds like you got pretty banged up. I hope you will mend quickly.

Love the shell frames!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so sorry you fell and hurt yourself! I would cry, too! I hope you're taking it easy today and feeling better. I love your frames. They turned out so cute! Sweet hugs!

Daniella said...

Oh my heck! You poor thing!! That was quite a trauma!! And Zachary being so apologetic, poor thing too! The 2 of you need lots of rest and TLC!! You are lucky you didn't break your wrists when you fell!
I love your frames too!!! You always do awesome work!!
PS thank you for your sweet blog comment!

Roxanne Reinhart said...

Girl, I hate hearing that you are hurt. My gosh, it could have been so much worse ( although I bet you are thinking Hell, this is bad enough! ). I am so afraid of falling. I live in a quad level and I have three short flights of stairs and I am nervous going down each time and it's been 10 years. And yes, I have fallen down each set!
Feel better soon!!

Love the frames!! I think they will do well at the shows!

I didn't realize you were that far away from Sanibel. We are flying in and will only have five short days (besides the ones we fly in/out on ) Bummer.

Kandi Phillips said...

Oh my momma!! Hope you are feeling better soon and take it easy!

Those frames are gorgeous! Love those shells!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Ouch!! I'm so sorry! That had to hurt! The frames are beautiful and I bet I dont' have the patience for doing them!!!

julie cavender said...

Definitely try soaking in Epsom salts. You'll turn all shades of purple and green before those bruises go away! Ibuprofen for pain if you can take it. Take it easy!!!

Lovely frames.

Eyelah said...

hope you feel better! Lots of ice. I saw your most recent post about being hurt and I was like..what is she talking about?? Then I saw this post. Get rest and definitely move that knee around just a little.

Eyelah said...

ps. I like the frames.

Cheryl said...

Della, I dd the exact same thing 4 weeks ago, except in public. I walked right into the curb at the store, skidded down onto all fours, and banged up/skinned my left knee just like you. It is just now "not" hurting to the touch. After the icing and scabbing over, I got some herbal salve from the natural foods store, to help keep the skin soft there. It works! Oh, and also, I have been having hot / cold thing ever since! My guess is that you're doing more healing than you realize! ;-)

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