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Monday, September 24, 2012

A New Adventure

Yesterday I embarked upon a new adventure that has been on my Bucket List for some time now. I had heard of Geocaching here and there, and had seen something about it on one of the cable tv stations a few years ago. Never did I imagine I would want to try it....

Until I came across Kim and Snug Harbor Bay. Kim and her family go geocaching all the time! Her parents even do it! Kim is a seasoned geocacher, and has over 2000 finds under her belt! I have followed her adventures through her blog, and it looks so fun I knew I had to try it. I have known where a couple of caches are close to my home for over a month, and I have been trying to squeeze some time in to go find them.

I finally registered as a geocacher a week or so ago, and yesterday I did it!
I found my very first cache!

I had my own adventure, let me tell ya!

Everywhere I turned I ran into giant spider webs with giant spiders IN THEM! Sometimes quite literally because I was watching the ground for snakes LOL! I did not want to get bitten. I was more cautious of what could be on the ground than the big ole' banana spiders suspended in webs in the air.

The foliage was pretty dense, and vines with thorns wrapped around my legs several times...but at least it wasn't a snake!

 ANOTHER banana spider! These things were all over the place!

But finally, despite the spiders, I found it!

I absolutely squealed with delight!

I signed the log book, and put it back in the cache container....and left the container how I found it.

YAY! Crossing another thing off my bucket list! But you can believe this will NOT be the first and last time I go geocaching. Despite the spiders, I'm hooked!

It was such a beautiful day in this woodsy place.

I felt as if I had stepped into the Land of the Lost....or maybe Planet of the Apes....

Or maybe even a scene from Tarzan!

Hubby took these last few pictures, aren't they awesome?! And um, yeah, more spiders!
This barefoot sign post is no where near where I found the cache hehehehee. We thought it was cool though, and I guess it USED TO indicate where a path WAS. There is no path!

FYI none of these pics indicates where I found the cache :P so good luck if you go looking for this one!

I had a great time, and my hubby was pretty intrigued, too. We will be going out to find more caches!

Thank you Kim for introducing me to the wonderful world of Geocaching!

Have you ever gone geocaching?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Way to go!! I'm so thrilled that you did it. And you get extra points for caching thru those spiders - those might be the biggest spiders I've ever seen. The woods there look awesome!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun! I would love to go sometime, too! Did you see the article in one of our local magazines? One of the first things they mention is spiders! EEEEE! Here's the link....
You did GREAT! I'm so proud of you! Enjoy your day! Sweet hugs!

Migrainista said...

I've never done anything like this - though it does sound like a lot of fun. Unfortunately my spider phobia would totally prevent me from such ventures.

You are so brave and I'm so glad you have gotten into this. Nothing like crossing something off your bucket list AND finding something you love doing at the same time :)

Danielle said...

When I began home schooling my daughter...one to of the homeschool moms used to do this with her children as part of their curriculum. We never did it but it always intrigued me. Hope to hear more about your adventures. There is a website I believe for Florida with all the 'hints' isn't there...I have forgotten how it all works. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!!!

Cheryl said...

Looks like the spider webs around my house this year! Back around 1999 I learned about letterboxing, which is sort of the same but you needed a map and compass, and to me that's less fun. So now that geocaching is "the thing" I'd rather do like you. Did you leave some shells in the box?

Sheryl Hastings said...

What fun! Brian and I would enjoy that so much! The spiders, not so much!

I think I need to research this geocaching. It sounds like a lot of fun.

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