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Friday, September 28, 2012

Florida Seashell Charm Bracelets

Hello, and Happy Friday!

Today I have some new charm bracelets. Two of them are Florida seashell charm bracelets, and there will be more of these coming. I'll have some in sterling silver, too! These are on aluminum flat cable chain.

This is such a cute bracelet with Florida seashells, and beachy charms. A nice juvenile Florida conch, kittens paw, calico scallop, and a little dosinia are interspersed with a bottle of suntan lotion, a bikini top, and a pair of sunglasses, with tiny Swarovski crystals embedded in them. A pretty dolphin charm, and a sweet half orange complete this Florida Seashell Charm Bracelet!

A fun in the sun bracelet for Florida beach lovers! This is beachy and fun!

If  bikinis aren't your thing, and lighthouses are....

Then this Florida Seashell Charm Bracelet is for you! A juvenile conch, calico scallop, broad ribbed cardita, and a white kittens paw...I think it's a kittens paw.

Recently I learned that some of my kittens paws are actually baby lions paws. With the hundreds of thousands of seashell species... I have a LOT to learn still!

A sea turtle, sand dollar, starfish, dolphin, and an orange.... make this Florida Seashell Bracelet a special souvenir piece for those who love the ocean....like we do!

This next bracelet is a pretty bronze!

The center shell is a Babylonia. The other two I don't know. I have a LOT to learn!

A bronze nautilus shell, and a bronze scallop shell give this seashell charm bracelet a vintage look.

Wouldn't it look so pretty with this nutmeg ring?

The bronze filigree is so feminine and delicate looking. Love this! This ring wraps around the finger with tapered ends, making it adjustable, and still pretty. This is one of my favorite style ring bases...it's similar to the stem and leaf style.

I'll show you what that looks like when I post the other rings~

until then~

Have a wonderful weekend!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, the bronze bracelet is gorgeous...especially for Fall! And look at all those cute little charms! I love that orange...how cute is THAT!!! You make beautiful charm bracelets and they are even MORE beautiful up close...I KNOW! Enjoy your day and the fun weekend ahead! Sweet hugs!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The charm bracelets are adorable. I like the bronze one best because it reminds me of old Florida and shipwrecks.

Almost Precious said...

Lovely charm bracelets. For those who live up north and brave the snow and ice of winter, these charms will be a marvelous reminder of warm, sunny days and strolls across a soft, sandy beach.

I've have always wanted to go down the coast to Sanibel and do some shelling but have never done so ... at least not yet. I live in Bradenton, Florida so it's not like I live across the globe, but sometimes the closest attractions are the last ones we finally manage to get the time to visit.

It's wonderful that you know the names of so many seashells. The only one I recognize is a conch shell, all of the others are just seashells, even though they are each unique and beautiful.

Marina@Picnic at Marina said...

Della, I love the orange on the first bracelet, so cute, ads an unique Florida charm to it... :)

Dita Maulani said...

I really love the first bracelet, Della!

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