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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

McIntosh Festival at Harvest Village

We are watching the megastorm closely, and thinking of friends and family in the path of this killer storm. Hopefully it will be over soon, and everyone will be safe and sound. Clean up on the other hand will be a massive undertaking. Things can be replaced, but our people can't be. Stay safe dear friends and loved one's, my heart goes out to you.

For several days we felt the fury that was Sandy passing a couple hundred miles off our coastline. The wind blew relentlessly, and anything that wasn't heavy or nailed down was seen blowing across yards and fields. I watched my palm trees sway and blow for days prior to the craft show, so I took precautions and took some rock pavers to hold my canopy down. Thank you honey for giving me the pavers!

The turn out for this show was better than past shows at Harvest Village, but remember that this is a new venue, has only been going this fall, and people are just now finding us. It did help that the McIntosh Festival was happening the same day right down the road.

We had more vendors on Saturday, and some of them set up their canopy frame, or saved a spot with a table on Friday. Laci and I set up across from where we usually do.

You may notice my necklace displays are in a different spot this time. The winds from Sandy blew them over a couple of times, so I moved them. The big necklace display provided a wind break and kept them from falling over. I didn't even bother to set up the heads for the headbands, as I knew from previous shows that the slightest wind will take them down. I'm working on having something made to keep them in place.

I did move a couple of things around.....

but most things are the same. I do need to make some new earrings as I have 2 entire sides empty now.

I really like, and needed the larger ring display, and have sold a few of them :)

My bracelet board is a few shy of what is was also. I really need to get busy, and before the next show in 2 weeks! I also have an idea for the shell name badge reels....they just need a little something something added to them and I have just the thing in mind ;)

I did make some keychains, and didn't sell a single one :P
I'm nearly out of bookmarks....that is on my to do list.

I really do like the barrettes on the net this way, but sure played hell keeping them straight all day. It isn't normally so windy, so I'll still do this. I'm a few hairpin sets and barrettes down, too. So Much To Do!

THE WIND!!!!!!!! My big display did nearly go over but Laci caught it, and I ran around the other side to set it to rights. It really damn near blew OFF the tables!

Laci made some new things for the show, too :D

Her mini cupcake necklace was the first thing she sold. It is so adorable! Even though it takes a couple of hours or so to crochet such a tiny thing, she will probably make another...or two. It's only about an inch tall!

These are for kids.....except the cupcake pin cushion, lol. I must have taken this after she sold her pie darnit!

These are for kitty cats! Catnip toys! It's hard for me to pick a favorite. I love the whales, and the fish of course. But the little pie, cheeseburger, and toilet paper rolls are so darn cute, too. Laci can literally look at an object or think of one, and make it with yarn. No pattern!

It was a really good day despite the wind :) and Laci outsold me :D

I bought something that is beautiful and amazing, and I'll show it to you next time!

We are preparing for the next show on November 10th!

Is there anything you think we should make?


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! That must have been a challenge for everyone at McIntosh this year. We usually have wind...but not like that! I'm glad you sold some things and I love seeing some of Laci's creations up close! She is so talented! I think Christmas things will do good in the next shows. Sweet hugs from the windy mountains!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I think your sales will just keep getting better the closer you get to Christmas. I'm so happy for you. Tell Laci she is really talented.

The Beaded Pillow said...

As usual your work is exquisite, Della. When did you start doing the flip flops? (Booths look terrific, by the way.)

Laci_L said...

I decided to come to the actual site instead of google reader today! Thank you for showing my stuff, Momma! And thank you ladies for the wonderful comments!

Cheryl Kraynak said...

Is there anything I think you should make? HA! Looks like you've got it covered...how about a kitchen sink!
Laci sure is talented, I love the catnip toys and cupcake necklace!
Sorry about the wind, that pesky wind! Speaking of which, Sandy blew out the power up here in CT for 27 hours, which is a blessing by comparison to the folks in NY and NJ. True to her name, Sandy took away a lot of my beloved beaches...I've seen online pics, but not sure when I will visit in person. Shedding some tears here.

julie cavender said...

The wind was always challenging when I used to do shows. And my stuff was heavy, not easily blown over.

Such pretty stuff! Have you done hair sticks? That might be nice to go with your barrettes.

Sheryl Hastings said...

Your display looked wonderful! Sorry about the wind but it looks like you made it through! Laci's items are so cute as well. I can see why the necklace sold so quickly. I do love your necklace display. Looks so professional and high end. Compliments your beautiful and top quality work! Good luck at the next show.

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