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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Solving a Problem

Hey there!

A while back I mentioned doing something different to transport my jewelry to shows. As it was, I layered jewelry, bubble wrap, tissue paper in photo boxes. This kept it nice and safe, but was time consuming in set up and break down.

I was also wanting a more complete look as far as packaging goes. I love my bags, I'm keeping them! The issue is with hanging things in a more presentable manner.

I hand stamped a bunch of these with my tiny seashell stamp, and stapled them together. These will hang on the mini boat cleats/mooring anchors of my display. They would also work on a display like my necklaces are on. I have some hooks for my net to hold the hair things, but I'll have to show that another time. Probably after I have it set up at my next show next weekend!

Michael's had these photo boxes on sale for $2 each. I snagged 10 of them!

Ignore that I have a double photo of one of the boxes lol. I drilled holes in the sides of the boxes to thread a flat skewer through.

You get the idea...and I will trim the ends of the skewers and add rubber ends to them.

I will have a separate box for headbands because I have several of them now, and 4 more to make. Some not as fancy as the others I've made. Something you could even wear about town.

The skewers hold everything in place, nothing moves around, and I can pop them off the skewer and onto the displays much faster than taking each individual item out of the boxes from between layers of tissue and bubble wrap. I'd like a deeper box for the larger barrettes, but this works for now.

Do you have any recommendations for me? Any ideas on improving the system of transporting and set up?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

All of that looks great. Altho a magic genie would be nice. Blink, blink!

Cheryl said...

That is such a great idea! I use photo boxes for so many things that aren't photos! If you use sterling silver or metals with a copper base, be careful with keeping the items around papers and boxes you don't know if they're acid free. I had that problem in my early shop days and the papers hastened tarnishing. So now I keep things in ziploc craft bags with antitarnish tabs to keep the metals like new when stored. If you use the dowels and photo boxes just temporarily at show times, that is probably ok.

Migrainista said...

So clever! And aesthetic :)

Della said...

The boxes are acid free! I also keep anti tarnish things in the boxes. I had been keeping everything in the plastic zipper jewelry bags, but pearls like to breathe, and I have many things with pearls :)

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Oh aren't you clever! Those boxes are a sweet deal and pretty cute too! Looks like you are right, your problem is solved!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Those boxes are great!! No ideas though..., but what a find.

Anonymous said...

Just as good as your last post. Do you accept advertisers?

Della said...

@ Anonymous~

Thank you! and I haven't ever even thought about accepting advertisers. You are a no reply commenter which means I can't email you, and I have no idea as to your identity :( But thanks for reading!

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