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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Craft Show

Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a splendid weekend!

I know you are all wondering how the craft show went. It was a complete BUST. But that's ok! We got out, got some fresh air, met some nice ladies, and my daughter Laci and I got to spend the day together :)

There was an art festival in Gainesville, and that is where everyone was on Saturday. The vendors at Harvest Village mingled, and had plenty of time to talk and check out each others booths.

Laci had her own booth this time, too!

You should see what my girl can do with yarn!

This is a small sample of her talents. She makes the neatest catnip toys, kids toys, and play food, too!

Things like this cheeseburger take a LOT of time, and I wish I had a close up of her tiny cupcake necklace. So cute! By the next show she wants to have some of her other items finished. Between working full time, roller derby practice, household chores, and her big 92 pound boxer boy, she doesn't have much spare time to crochet. I think she did a great job on her booth!

I made a few changes to my booth....

I have 3 tables now, pulled them all forward a couple of feet, and hung my sign front and center.

This is what I did for my hair barrettes on the net. It's tied to the canopy frame....

and the card holders hang from big earring hooks that I attached to the net.

Using the same cards that I stamped with my tiny shell stamp gives my bracelets a nice handmade packaged look.

I have enough rings for another ring holder, the flat kind with slots. Any ideas on a bookmark display?

Everything else is pretty much the same. You can see that I had trouble with the rafia skirts pulling the table cloth forward, no matter how much weight is on it, they pull, and they aren't that heavy so back to the drawing board. The good thing is the snaps held it on! It wasn't falling off! I may use my canopy weights just under the backside of the table cloth to hold it in place, unless I am outdoors and it is windy.

It was VERY windy in the afternoon, and my heads and busts kept flying off the table, even after I velcro'd them down. Wind is a challenge!

The Orlando show is in 9 days, so I have 8 days to get ready, to do the final tweaks, make a few more bolo ties and anything else I want to take....and figure out how to leave room in the back seat for Kyle. 

The Orlando show is indoors! No wind! Yay!

What else can I do to have the best booth ever?


Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Your booth looks great to me! Sorry the show was a bust and sorry about the wind! The Orlando indoor show will surely be better! Your daughter does make some awesome stuff! She comes by her talent naturally!

The Beaded Pillow said...

I agree w/Danni: you both have great booths and items! One idea for displaying your bookmarks may be to actually have a couple of hardcover books open with marks in them. Good luck with the next show & I hope you find a space for Kyle!

Migrainista said...

So sorry the show was a bust. Hope that the next show - indoors - goes better for you. For both you and your daughter. Love those caps!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The booth looks great and I love the net with the barrettes. So cute! Can you get large clips and just clip the tablecloth to the back edge of the table to keep it from slipping forward?

I'm working hard on my crocheting, but Laci has me beat by far - her stuff is beautiful! Hopefully some day mine will look as nice.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love the look of the 3 tables together with the sign out front! And I keep trying to see the jewelry up close...it is so beautiful! Laci sure looks cute and I love her pretty creations. I'm glad you both got to spend the day getting to know other vendors. I'm sure sorry you didn't have more shoppers though! The Orlando show will be fabulous! I'm excited for you to take part in that! Sweet mountain hugs!

Cheryl K said...

I think your booth is already the best booth ever! Your daughter is a star! I love her hat designs. I also love your net idea for the barrettes. You're so brave for doing such a big outdoor setup. I am not that adventurous. Indoors for me!

julie cavender said...

Sorry about the show! It can be a challenge doing outside shows. Your next one will be great, I'm sure. I think your booth looks fine. I wish I had a suggestion for the drooping table cloths. You'll figure it out!

Your daughter makes some awesome stuff, too. I always admire fiber artists.

Sheryl Hastings said...

I'm so sorry your show didn't got as you had hoped. You sure did turn it into a positive. I also love any time I can spend with my kids. I don't see them much so the time is well appreciated.

I love those crocheted things! Crocheting sure has changed over the past several years. So many cute things to make now.

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