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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seashell Bolo Ties

I have been gathering the supplies for a custom order for a limpet shell bolo tie. You would think it would be easy, but can you believe that not one item needed to produce a bolo tie is available in my town?!
I have had to order everything. Not knowing which type or color of a larger sized limpet would be ideal for my customer, cause I forgot to ask....I bought 2 different kinds....at least they appear to be two different kinds. They could quite possibly be the same, just different sizes, with more polishing emphasized around the edge. I decided to make two bolo ties, and give them a choice.

This limpet has a blue hue, some of them look more purple/lavender. I made some necklaces with some of this kind a couple of months ago....I have yet to take pictures of them.

This one is just a bit larger, and has a dark brown, nearly black color around the edge. I had to work some magic to turn a limpet shell into a bolo tie, but sometimes I can be a crafty little witch heheheheeee. (hey, it's almost Halloween!)

The leather is a high grade, and so very supple, and soft, but thick and sturdy. It's actually called 'robust leather', and is cut from the center of the hide. Only the most expensive certified no lead dyes are used in these cords. The dyes not only meet all of California's no lead jewelry laws, but even meet the stricter German Goods Ordinance.

These are not cheap bolo ties, as I used the best of materials for them.

The end tips are silver plated heavy cast,  and aren't light weight by any means. These have a nice weight to them!

I'm lovin' these new bolo ties, and see more of these in my future! Pardon the box under the display bust, these are a tad longer than most of my necklaces.

I have more end tips on the way, and maybe, just maybe I can turn other shells into bolo ties.
We shall see! I will certainly try!

I'm thinking these can be a unisex item. What do you think?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Love that! What a great idea. I've never seen a bolo made from a shell.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh, I like the one with the blueish hue! These are fun!

Daniella said...

I totally think they could be unisex. Every time I visit, you have come up with another unique use for shells!! You are awesome!

Cheryl K said...

BEAUTIFUL! You could open a whole men's section with variations of this.

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