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Friday, August 19, 2011

Spanish Moss

 Spanish Moss isn't Spanish, and it isn't moss either. It is actually an angiosperm from the bromeliad family, and is an air plant, growing on live trees. Usually the southern live oak, and the bald cypress, but also the crepe myrtle, sweetgum, pine, and other oaks.
There is a tale that the Spanish lost the Spanish Indian War because they stuffed their bedding with Spanish Moss, and were infested with chiggers.
Spanish Moss only becomes infested with chiggers when it falls to the ground.
Spanish Moss can be found from Maryland to Argentina, growing wherever it is warm, and has high humidity.
 This is the same "Spanish Moss" that you buy in the craft store! It has also been used for medicinal purposes, to treat type 2 diabetes, heart disease, edema, and hemorrhoids!
Seeing Spanish Moss hanging from the trees tells me I am in the south. I always associate it with Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and the Carolina's.
 I've been snapping pictures of Spanish Moss for a few years now. I loved how this tree was growing in the middle of the road, and draped with it. The others were taken more recently when I accompanied my hubby to Gainesville.
Seeing Spanish Moss tells me I am home.

*For the past few weeks, my heart hasn't been into Etsy. I still love to shop there, and I always got a thrill when someone liked my stuff....but sometimes that just isn't enough. I've been thinking about it for days. Maybe much longer if I'm honest with myself. The shop is still there, it's just empty right now. I need a break from it. Maybe more than a break. We'll see.

When I do something, I go at it wholeheartedly! I pour my heart and soul into it, leaving no room for anything else. Etsy has been my heart and soul for the past 2 years.

I want to create because I love it. I want to create for people I love. (This includes ya'll ya know!) But I want time for me. I want time to do things, to make things on my list that's a mile long, (have you seen all the awesome beachy things Maya has posted? I want to make some of those things, not just dream about it!) I want to see new things, and places, I want to read some books! I want to WEAR more of my jewelry!!!

I want to work on my Bucket List!

Florida is a big state, and I'm going to see, and enjoy more of it!

You will still find me right here, and I'm just an email away....

I'm not changing this blog, and I still love this, and connecting with my friends here, and I love reading your blogs, too!



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the Spanish moss, too! I was 40 years old when I first saw some! lol And I was amazed! I remember bringing some home...to Texas...to throw in a tree! Well...I have to admit I went to your empty store and just sat there and stared! But I am proud of you and know you will have some adventures ahead! And I know you will be still be creating! Of course I feel better knowing I have some beautiful jewelry that you created..and that you will make more! Enjoy the weekend ahead! Won't be long before we are back in town! I'll let you know so we can get together! HUGS! ♥♥♥

Rachel said...

Your photos are gorgeous. I think the south is the only place in the US I have never really visited, so it's cool to see all of your pictures! I love the one in the middle of the roadway. I feel the same way about etsy, I've lost my motivation for it. It's hard to make things when you don't know who they're for and where they're going. I hope you enjoy your 'free time' and get some things checked off that big list!

-rachel w k

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You literally gave me goosebumps reading this post today. Travel? Bucket list? Me time? You said the 3 magic things. You go girl!

Cindy Adkins said...

I love Spanish moss too!!! We have it here in Louisiana
and it is beautiful!!! So dreamy! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Completely Coastal said...

The trees are gorgeous! I didn't know that one could find them already in Maryland. Thought they were trees of the deep south only! I think it's good to re-evaluate and really feel out what's right!! Sometimes I want to create the things that I post about, haha. But then..., blogging really takes all the time. Fact for me though is, that I live in a home that we are trying to sell..., therefore I'm not much in a decorating mood, so it's okay.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Well now all I can tink of is the poor souls using Spanish moss to treat their hemmoroids having chiggers on their unmentionables!!! LOL

...and I hear you on the whole Etsy thing - the gild is off th elily - I closed my shop for August and we'll see from there XO

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