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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Day at the Beach

On Sunday I posted that I was at Daytona Beach!

My hubby called Saturday afternoon and said, "hey, let's take off for Daytona when I get home."
So I said, "cool!"

I gathered a quick overnight bag, and away we went! Now remember, I said a 'quick' bag....

The drive is a short one, just a little over an hour, and we are there.

First, dinner! We wanted to try somewhere we haven't been, so Crabby Joe's on the pier was our first choice. The service was quick, the food was great, the atmosphere very casual. A steady ocean breeze through the open air restaurant kept us cool and comfortable, while the surf splashed into the pillars beneath us.

We lucked out with a great room (considering we didn't make reservations!) at the Hampton Inn. Great amenities, and super comfy king size bed, and a big balcony...time to relax!

A walk on the beach after dinner is a must, although we sat and stared up at the stars over the sea.

Sunday morning dawned with a gorgeous sunrise!

Hubby had perfect timing, and brought out Klondike's just before this guy rolled by.

I enjoyed my sand pedicure

and watched critters making air bubble holes from beneath the sand.

It wasn't very crowded at all

and the birds are always fun to watch!

The sands had changed, and were coral, peach, and orangy where it was wet from the tide, but the rest of the beach was blindingly white!

Remember I said I packed a quick bag?
Guess what didn't get put in it?


Hubby really enjoyed HIS swim!

The ocean was calm right before we left, which would have been perfect swimming conditions for me.

When I got home my suit was laying on the bed :(
I knew that was where it must have been, because I wanted it on the top of my bag.

Sunday night Shark Week started on the Discovery Channel. Now, I may not get a chance to swim in the ocean again before summer is over. I prefer to do my swimming before shark week starts!

Does Shark Week freak you out?

And why, oh why do I have to watch it every year???



Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'm back home in RI..., and missing the warm ocean waters of FL!!!

Shelllady said...

Who needs a bathing suit?? :) Sounds like you had a good time anyway, but I woulda jumped in clothes and all...Hakuna Matata (no worries) is what my daughter used to say back in the lion king days...I jumped in many a time after she would remind me of that!!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous pictures Del!! I so wish I was there right now! Even forgetting my bathing suit would be ok with me!

Anonymous said...

LoL about Shark Week!

Glad you had fun in Daytona!


Love of the Sea said...

I have done that before. I have packed my entire beach vacation and left my swim suits at home. Your inspiring me to stop in Daytona Beach along the way when I drive up to Sea Island later this month!!

Cat & Cricket said...

So wish I was there!
I hope!
Beautiful pictures my friend!!
Gypsea Nurse

MissBliss said...

I love sand pedicures!

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