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Friday, November 4, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Roses... Seashell Rose Rings That Is!

I had a eureka moment a few days ago, and I had to pull out my shells, and epoxy. This little light bulb lit up over my head, and I couldn't turn it off until I did what I needed to do!

Now don't go imagining that I glued shells together to resemble roses. I'm not that kind of shell crafter. I wish I was, but at this time, I'm not. Maybe someday!

Maybe I should just stop rambling and show you what I did. It was really simple. Too simple really.

Look very closely and you will see that those are 2 different rings, 2 different shells. The one above is slightly larger, and the one below the tip of the shell extends further down the stem. I didn't dare drill these. They are really thick for such a tiny shell, and I was afraid of breaking them. But I wanted to use them so very badly! So, now I have shell rose rings!

These turned out cute, too! You are going to start calling me the crazy shell lady for sure....if you don't already! LOL!
and since I had a couple more of those little calico scallops laying out....
I told you it was too simple! I do LOVE the results. Too cute! Now, I'm waaaaaay to old for these seashell hairpins, but I can see them in a younger woman's hair.  Well....they might be cool in an older woman's up do hair do....I could do that! Like in a gorgeous up do braid. Those are so elegant!

I may just grow a tail and fins after all :D

I hope you have an AWESOME Friday!

Until next time....


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! I've off to window shop on Etsy! These rings are beautiful, Della! WOW! I really love them! ♥

Shelly said...

LOVE THESE!! I especially love the hairpins, those are right up my alley!

Kerri said...

These are lovely!!!

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