I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Friday, December 23, 2011

East Meets West....A Coastal Tropical Christmas

The task is complete, and it's really too bad that it all comes down next week! Maybe next year I'll start Christmas preparations on Halloween ;)

I found these coconuts washed up on the beach and thought they'd make a perfect addition to my Christmas decor.
The stockings are hung by the window with tacks.....hoping for Santa to fill them from his pack!
Can you guess which ones are mine and hubby's? It shouldn't be too hard!
Every pet has a stocking, too! Santa brings goodies for them...they were really good this year!
I  hang my cards on my antique dolly. I love this look! I did this last year, too.
Our resident pelican, Percy, wanted to play Santa....

Blue and Silver is my indoor theme throughout this year...and East Coast meets West Coast.
My nutcrackers stay out year round. I adore my captain and first mate! They are not used to crack nuts!

I decided to go with traditional red and green for the Florida room.
Even my peppers are in with the theme!

When you exit the front door you are greeted by fake poinsettias.
and seashell lights on a fake pine garland.
I did manage to get some pics of my dining room wall....the living room will be soon. I just missed it taking pics of Christmas stuff. Ahhh Geez!
 I really just wanted to keep it Simple. I have a birthday party to throw next week! A very important Birthday!!!

And yes, it really did take me all month to do this and make goodies!!!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Tropical Christmas

What is Christmas like in Florida?
A magical tropical place full of sunshine and blooms!

I'll be back soon with an inside tour!

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