I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seashell and Freshwater Pearl Earrings in Aqua and Teal Blue

I took a little break from making bracelets to put a little pair of shell earrings together.

This is a perfectly matched pair of shells, as I found them still connected to each other :D

I made these for a friend, and I can't wait to give them to her! She likes small earrings, and these are so feminine, and dainty.

I absolutely love how they turned out! I will be making more that are similar to these, because I have a few sets of these matched shells in various sizes!

But now, it's back to bracelets. It sure was nice to make a pair of earrings for a change, though ;)

I have some wonderful news, too! My lupus is in remission, and my kidney function is 100% :D

I did a post about it yesterday on my lupus/autoimmune blog, and you can read about it here. I was so excited to share the news I had to do a post right away! Today it dawned on me that I should share my good news with you, too!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seashell Saturday

It doesn't have to be a pretty shell to get my attention. Some are even prettier because of their flaws, or when they are broken in half and you can see the inside!

Old shells are amazing to me, and I wonder just how ancient they are.
 Even these dingy fossilized shells are special to me.
  Some fossils are in other rocks, and limestone.

These barnacle covered scallops caught my eye.
 I just love how the colors blend together. Such pretty purples!

I think these inside spirals are pretty cool, too!

Do you collect unusual things from the beach?

Things most people leave behind....

Then you my friend are a BEACHCOMBER! We are a special group of people, and I'm proud to be a beachcomber!

Are you a beachcomber, too?


Monday, June 20, 2011

Seashell Bracelet with Freshwater Pearls for a Summer Beach Wedding

A natural gray and white scallop shell is the centerpiece for this feminine charm style bracelet that is dripping with luscious freshwater pearls.
Big platinum pearls, white pearls, and Swarovski Crystal bicones in Black Diamond shimmer and sparkle in this one of a kind seashell bracelet that is perfect for your summer beach wedding, honeymoon cruise, or a romantic walk on the beach.
 The shell will grace the middle of your wrist, measuring 1 1/2 inches wide and nearly 1 1/2 inches long.
Live the coastal lifestyle with my handmade, carefully crafted, unique seashell jewelry. You can find this, and many more of my seashore inspired pieces at Orange Blossom Crafts on Etsy.

My newest bracelets are some of my favorite pieces! I'm really going to have to keep one for myself. I really love this one, and it looks amazing on my wrist! I'm sure it will look just as lovely on yours!


Crafty Genes

Growing up with a momma who was always crafting or sewing something, my kids couldn't help but to be bitten by the craft bug. All of my kids are amazingly talented, and artistic. Brag, Brag!

Today, the spotlight is on my youngest, the baby of the family, Shae. Shae IS the Cross Stitch Queen! I'm not kidding. The backs of her stitchery's are as pretty as the front. She is always being featured somewhere!

For our anniversary, she made us the most amazing, incredible piece! You can get the story behind it here. Without further ado, here is the Amazing Cross Stitch!

Contra Cross Stitch Scan

This has been featured on Wedinator and Craft! This piece has over 70 colors in it, and thousands of stitches! I can't remember the exact number (bad momma) but it's way more than you would think.

She made an awesome stitchery for her dad for Father's Day, too!
Father's Day Gift
This was stitched on screen. The kind of screen in pool enclosures (aka pool cage), and screenrooms. The frame is made of aluminum that is used to build pool cages and enclosures, and was custom made for her by John.

Some of my favorites include her Twilight Book Cover piece....
Twi-stitch Scan
and her Luigi Largo from the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera.
This has like four hundred thousand stitches, and I'm not kidding!

This is a scene from Poltergeist, with a quote from Peeves the Poltergeist from Harry Potter.
Peeves the Poltergeist Scan
She gave this away in a swap!

She is amazingly talented, and fast! She has done hundreds of stitchery's. She loves to do subversive cross stitch, too, but I'm not going to shock you with any of those. I stuck to her Safe for Work stitches :D

I am SO proud of my little girl!
Here she is "stitching in public" at RenFaire. Isn't she a cutie?! I love this girl!

Thanks for the amazing anniversary gift Shae! I will cherish it FOREVER!

Mommasaur aka Del 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seashell Saturday

I've been a little absent, it's like I've been away,
but I'm holed up in my studio, with shells and pearls all day!
Before I knew what day it was, the day dawned bright and clear.
and just when I thought time stood still, Saturday was here!

Just when I think it's coming together, problems do arise,
and every time I break a shell, it comes as a total surprise!

A very, very, sad surprise,
that doth bring tears to my eyes...

It doesn't happen often, of that I'm really glad,
because every time I break a shell,
it really makes me really MAD!

Sometimes I have to soak them, to get calcium off the shell,
But vinegar is evil, and will send your shell to hell!

I haven't gotten over it, I'm sad, I'm sure you know...
This was a very special shell, I don't find many YELLOW!

I'm staying in my studio, I don't have time to rest,
'Cause I really think this bracelet, is going to be my BEST!

What am I working on now?
ALL of the above!

I'm thinking of you ALL,
and sendling lots of LOVE!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As you start down the path to the beach, there are numerous sea grapes growing. I love the roundness of the leaves, and the clusters of grapes.
I wish I had some sea grapes around my yard, they can grow into quite an impressive tree with a nice trunk!

There's a huge palm tree in the courtyard of the beach club, and we had a great view of it from our balcony!
I love palm trees! They are the essence of tropical Florida to me, and there are so many varieties!

We enjoyed an edible fruit arrangement, an anniversary gift from one of our customers.
This was so refreshing, and the perfect accompaniment to our lobster tails, and shrimp with angel hair pasta. I didn't get a picture of our food, because I dove in before I thought about it! What's in the goblet? It looks like a nice blush, but it's Sparkling Cranberry Juice :D

Hubby spent a few hours drowning some bait...
Here he comes with his Slammer after casting out. He didn't catch anything, except maybe a few zzzzz's while waiting for a bite.

This is my favorite picture of me at the beach
or is it this one?
I really like both of these.

There are murals on the walls around the hotel, and in the rooms.
This one was a few steps from our room.

Early morning on the beach...
hmmmm what did the tide bring in? I bet there's a nice shell under the seaweed!

I spy my hubby with a shirt full of shells!

Where is his shelling bag? Oh yeah, we filled it already!

We always set up the tripod for pictures before we leave, except for this last time. Due to possibly over use, our tripod gave up the ghost. Unfortunately it died on this trip. What an unfortunate time for it to decide 6 years of use was enough.

We tried our best to get a decent pic of the two of us by setting the camera on top of our canopy chairs. Too bad it didn't work as well as we expected....
I'm going to have to crop out the canopy. I'll get another photo op the next time we hit the beach, and I'm bringing a new tripod!

One of the reasons I love the Gulf so much is the beautiful sunsets.
There is nothing in the world like watching the sun drop into the ocean.

I'm headed back to my creation zone now, I hope you enjoyed the trip :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seashell Saturday

Happy Seashell Saturday!

You wouldn't believe how many shells we found! It must be in the thousands! Hubby said it would take me a week to clean them.
Challenge accepted!!!

First, I soaked, and cleaned all of the shells. Then the sorting began...
Old sheet pans, and muffin tins work great for sorting shells.
All cleaned, sorted, and put away in less than 2 days! WooHoo! I win!

I only counted the jewel box (spiny oyster) shells, and we found 286 "jewelry quality" jewel boxes! I love hearing hubby refer to the perfect shells as "jewelry quality". He so gets it!

From large to tiny, we found various shells of all sizes. All kinds of kitten paws!
Some of them were even doubles!
And some had another shell grown onto them....

I love the pink calico's, but the orange and yellow ones are so pretty!
Looking at all of these shells gets my creative juices flowing!

Guess what I'll be doing today?

It's time to PLAY!

Happy Seashell Saturday everyone!

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