I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Seashell Jewelry

When I was sorting some shells into matching pairs, I came across 4 that were so close in color! Two that were the same size (for earrings) and 2 in perfect sizes for a necklace, and a bracelet. That, my dear friends, is what I have been working on. Some Valentine Seashell Jewelry!

And it just so happens that these Calico Scallop shells are reddish pink and white! They are the closest I've ever seen calico's to being red. Usually they are pink, purple, burgundy, or even orangey, or yellow.

When I saw they did match so well, and looked great with red beads, I knew I had my Valentine's Day shells for this year.

Valentine Seashell Necklace
I love these cultured freshwater heart shaped pearls! It makes a darling little charm for this sweetheart of a seashell necklace. The sterling silver looks fab with the red. LOVE!

Valentine Seashell Earrings
These sweet little shells are darling little dangles to match the necklace. You know I've hidden something behind those shells! That's why they aren't laying flat ;)

Valentine Seashell Bracelet
I have several of the heart shaped pearls in this bracelet, and it was actually the first piece I made. The clasp is magnetic, and has little hearts engraved/stamped into it.

Now...what to do with all of those leftover silver heart beads???
I better start brainstorming!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Coral and Black Lava Stone Jewelry Set

I have several pieces of coral...some I found on the beach, and some were given to me, and a few have been bought.

The other day, I was looking at some of these pieces, and that little light went off. You know, the one above my head, shaped like a light bulb?!

Some of my new supplies were these awesome black lava stone beads, and white South Sea shell pearls. I love the texture of the black lava stone beads! I'm also enthralled with the South Sea shell pearls! These are exquisite! Very large, smooth, perfectly round, and oh so white!

 This is a short necklace, it falls into the choker category, but has some hang to it. It is quite dressy, and I thought it would make an amazing set. So I made a matching bracelet and earrings.

I totally and completely adore this Coral, Lava Stone, and South Sea Shell Pearl Jewelry Set!

For Etsy relevancy it is called Coral Choker Necklace Jewelry Set for now. As long as it stays on the first page or two I'll stick with that "name"....but in my mind it is called Kilauea Meets the Sea, or Kilauea's Destiny. I used to name all of my pieces, and I think it makes them just a little more special!

I was thinking of working on my Etsy description in the listing. If I'm not in the right mood, or frame of mind, my descriptions are down right b o r i n g. ZZZZZZZZ. I think I could jazz it up a tad, but I don't want it to lose it's place in the search!

I have a few new listings, and I'll showcase some here, and some on my other blog! I also have a few new pretties in the works. I've been feeling creative, and just letting the juices flow. My crafty space is an utter disaster! I've been working with various metals, and have findings of every kind laying about, and 4 bead boards.

Yesterday I had a case of the dropsies, and didn't get anything done (except a listing and errands). I have also broken 5 shells this past week while drilling :(   Big time sad face, but I'm hoping for a great day with steady hands!

I still have several supplies I haven't even touched, so I'm off to play!

If you could pick a shell to have something made with it, what kind of shell, and what would it be???


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Word

When Kim from Snug Harbor Bay posted about "one word", it really got me to thinking. I don't make New Year's resolutions. I gave it up long ago. I figure why bother making resolutions I won't stick to for more than a month....and then end up failing something I started. Nope, that's not for me!

But, I think I can handle ONE word.
But.....WHICH word?

Several came to mind. The one that stands out the most to me right now is CHERISH.

To CHERISH every second, every moment of every hour of every day of living, and life, and the people in my life. I take things for granted way too often. I want to live in the NOW, and appreciate all of the wonderful peeps in my life, and the beauty that surrounds me.

Sometimes life is a real bitch, but there is always something positive about each day. I choose to cherish that one positive thing, or people, who makes me smile, laugh, think, plan, love, and DO each day.

Apparently I live under a rock, or a seashell, LOL, cause I hadn't heard of the "one word" thing either!

The month isn't over, so you too can choose One Word for 2012!

Have you heard of One Word before?

Cherish the day!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anchored Together Forever

I mentioned a while back that I was getting a new tattoo. I can't remember if I mentioned that my family was all getting tattooed together.

We have been planning this for several years, and knew that we all wanted anchor tattoos on our right hips. The time finally came when we made it a reality! This was a Christmas gift to our kids, and ourselves...and while we had all of us together we made the appointment and got inked.

We took our designs to Fat Kats on the square. Alex and Ron did an excellent job of giving us what we wanted.
Now the AFTER!
Kandi has a pretty filigree anchor
Kyle's 8 bit anchor
Shae has a big anchor
Hubby's anchor with a moray eel
Laci's crochet hooks anchor with yarn ball
My anchor with shells
Our tats are still in the healing process, and flaking skin at this point. That is normal! We follow our care instructions to a T! When mine is finished healing I'm having some gray added to my anchor, and eventually more shells around it.

It was terribly difficult to pick a photo of the whole family because they all turned out unflattering to at least one person in the pic, and it was usually me! Excuse our exposure, and yes I have gained 25 pounds since I last posted a pic of myself! It's the sweet tea!!! I'm horribly addicted!

Anchored at the Hip
The family that gets inked together is linked together forever! I am so honored that our kids love us so much that they would want to do this with us. I love each and every one of them, and I'm proud to be their mom!

I'm already planning my next tattoo, and I can't wait!

Do you have ink?


Monday, January 9, 2012

The Silence Is Deafening

Oh yes, yes it is!

How I miss the chatter, laughter, and giggles of Kandi, Gwynie, and Brady. Our house just doesn't feel quite the same without them. I could be doing many things, but all I am doing is missing them. Bree and Zachy miss them too, and refused treats all day Sunday, and just moped around missing the kids.

We did have a blast while they were here!
The weather was wonderful the first few days they were here, and they were brave enough to swim in what I consider a cold pool!
And then the temps dropped and it was so cold in Florida.

But it warmed back up in time to go to LegoLand!

They really liked this Lego tourist outside of the Lego Store.
He was pretty cool!
They went to driving school, drove on the test track, and got their driver's licenses!

This is a full size car made with Lego's...very impressive!

This giant octo was pretty impressive, too!

This is one ride I didn't go on with them....but I did ride the others, and had a screaming good time!

Gwynie loves legos and has been building with them for a few years now.
She really enjoyed MiniTown.
She thought this ship wreck was awesome...
and the fisherman reeling in a mermaid! It really went up and down, too!
I don't know how you could see everything here in a day, even though it is smaller than Disney or Universal. When you wait in lines to go on rides the time goes by fast! They open at 10am and close at 5pm. Not quite enough time to squeeze it all in. We had characatures of them drawn, too, so that took some time.
They went roller skating with Aunt Shae, and sweet talked us into MyMochi 3 times. It really wasn't hard to talk us into Mochi...we love frozen yogurt!

On one of the cold days we went to see the new Chipmunks movie, Chpwrecked. It was fun, and I'm a fiend for movie theater popcorn.
Psssst....Gwynie is wearing my jacket. She's almost as tall as I am!

We also went to the mall. Brady really wasn't down with shopping for girl clothes, so I let him do the bounce thing.
He really loved this!!!!

They are so very precious! I just had to have a picture of them sleeping!

I'll be back soon with our family tattoos, and my one word for the year!

I sure did miss you all, and I'm trying to make my way around to your blogs!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It really is upon us, 2012 is here!
I said goodbye to the old year, with someone near and dear.
You see, New Year's Eve is special to me...
we celebrate with a birthday tree!
This is a tradition I started long ago,
to make a little girls birthday special
so she would always know
Just how much she meant to us
and so New Year's wouldn't steal her show.
My darling daughter Kandi turned 30 yesterday,
and it just wouldn't have been the same without her birthday tree!

Happy New Year!!!
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