I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Seashell Rings

I've made a few rings where I just epoxy a pretty shell onto a ring base, and wal-lah it's done. I recently added a barnacle ring to my Etsy shop. I epoxy'd little freshwater pearls into the holes of the barnacle, and it looks quite exotic. I was going to add some little ball tipped head pins to the holes in the pearls, but Laci talked me out of it. She liked it just the way it was. Apparently so did a couple of other people. Within mere minutes of being listed, this ring had 5 views and 2 admirers! Okay, Lace was right on this one. LOL She said it reminds her of an anemone.
It makes me think of those big ole diamond cocktail rings. So, Anemone Cocktail Ring it is! It comes with matching bands, too. You can wear this set a few ways. Without the bands, with one band, with both bands, with a band in front of, and one behind....and it all started with a little purple barnacle.

Big rings that go across several fingers is really in style these days, and although I really don't give a fig about fashion, I do try to please everyone as far as my jewelry goes.
 I really do like this ring, though. Regardless of it being "in style".
It's just cool!
This ring is a size 8 and fits my middle finger, but it would look neat on the ring finger as well.
This will be in my Etsy shop soon!

I'll be on the lookout for more shells and things for rings! Checkout the other seashell rings in my shop, too!

Remember I mentioned pictures....of me....in some new clothes?
It's not happening this week.

The days day I wore makeup no one was here to take my pic, and ummm the tripod is STILL broken, and hasn't been replaced. One of those famous "I can fix it" deals where it doesn't get fixed. So he should have just let me buy a new one back when the darn thing broke.

Soooo, I'm hoping to slap on some makeup over the weekend and have someone, anyone, take some pics of me! At least I'm hoping to feel well enough. I haven't been feeling well this week. I get my lab results back at my nephrologist appointment on Monday. I'm not feeling very positive about it. I'll let you know if my suspicions are confirmed. I certainly won't let it get me down, and will continue on as usual. Cause that's how I roll!

I have something new just for MOMS! I'll get to that soon!

I'll be working on my jingle project, too. It's been trial, error, and redo on it for so long, I'm really anxious for it to be finished!

Do you have a project that keeps throwing you for a loop?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seashell & Pearls Leather Cuff Bracelet

Truly Bohemian, my new seashell, freshwater pearls, and leather cuff bracelet is a one of a kind! Pretty round green aventurine gemstone beads accent the shell with a little pop of color.

And between you and me....was SO much work! My wrists have actually been SO sore from punching the holes for the eyelets, it hurts to drive! And lets not mention all the hand stitching.....or actually, lets DO.
Completely hand stitched with sinew, and transparent nylon thread.

This beachy boho cuff bracelet is artsy, rustic, and feminine!
I love this piece!

The leather from this cuff is special, too. It was given to me by a friend after he had his elk hide tanned. Yep, for real! In the latter part of the 90's a friend of ours got a big elk that year, and not only did I get a nice portion of his leather, but some steaks, and the liver, too. Of course he came to dinner for the liver fest. I'm sure some of you are saying EWWWWWW! but it was really good. I happen to love liver. It's also very good for you!

This leather is so very soft. I nearly felt like I was channeling my Native American ancestors making this. This piece isn't for just anyone. This one is for a unique woman. One who isn't afraid to flaunt her own style. Kind of like me....or maybe a LOT like me!
I have more of this leather, and I see more seashell cuffs in my future.

Have you ever worked with leather?

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Very Beady Friend

Not only did I have the great fortune of meeting my friend Diane on Friday, I also met another blogger friend Sunday for brunch!

Karen from The Beaded Pillow, blog and Etsy shop!

She was passing through town on her way back home after a few days in Boca Grande, and we met at Cracker Barrel. We chit chatted like old friends! It was serious non stop talking! We really had a ball!

Man, I have had one very exciting and FUN weekend!

Karen made this cute little change purse, wallet, business card holder for me! (I'm using it for business cards-her idea!)

I love this fabric, and had commented on it on her blog. She had some scraps leftover, and used them for me! I think I'll need business cards for her in here, too. What if someone asks where I got it? And of course I'll be pulling it out of my wristlet that Diane made for me, so should have some of her business cards in it, too!

If you haven't met Karen on the internet, you should hop over to her blog, and her shop and check out her pillows and stuff! She makes coasters, door hangers, and other very beady and cool creations. Her pillows are stunningly beautiful! She does amazing work, and she is another beautiful and fun friend I can really call my friend now! I'm sure we will get together the next time she is down this way!

I'm looking forward to meeting more of my awesome blog buddies! We already KNOW each other, and getting together gives us a chance to hug for real!

On another note, but still blog related~ I'd like to welcome new followers to my blog! Thanks for joining in and hanging out here with me :D
I'm only 3 away from the magic number of 100, and I see a giveaway in the hopefully very near future!!!

Since I played all weekend...it's time to get back to work and finish up those projects so I can have something new to post about!

What did you do over the weekend?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Blog Buddy, My Friend

On Friday Laci and I went shopping for some new clothes! I had a gift card to spend, so off we went.

I met up with a dear friend, too! Diane from Lavender Dreams! We had SO much fun! Diane is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and let me tell you....she is so very beautiful!
I haven't had that much fun shopping in ages! Diane picked some pretty outfits in nice bright spring colors, and I picked a couple of outfits, tops, and a dress. I'll share pics of me wearing them this coming week ;)

Laci kept saying over and over all day....."Diane is so nice, and she is so FUN!" We love Diane, and I'm so happy I finally got to meet her. We actually go back a ways....

I used to have a public blog called Getting My Life Back One Bead at a Time that I started in 2009 pertaining to my Lupus, and Diane was one of the first 10 followers on that blog! I started following her blog, too. Well, it's a very small world as we were to find out about 2 years or so later.....we live in the same town! Seeeeee, small world! We have wanted to meet for a while, and it worked out that we were able to arrange it. It was so natural to give her a big HUG! I feel like I've known her for YEARS, and I guess I really have. She is a REAL sweetheart, and I am glad to call her my FRIEND!

Have you met any blogging buddies?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Spring has definitely sprung around here! All of the trees are getting, or have gotten their new leaves. Even my maple tree! It doesn't usually get leaves this early.

Thinking of spring has me thinking of my little Mockingbird family. The pair are here every year, and raise a nest of babies.

One year they chose the topiary tree by the front door as the place to build their nest! And I took pictures!
They've been choosing other trees around the yard to raise their family, since the topiary froze out, and was removed.

Laci has 3 of these pics framed and hanging on her wall. The eggs, the babies, and the empty nest. They make a great set!

Did you know a male mockingbird can learn 200 songs in its lifetime? And they don't just mimic other birds, but insects and frogs, too! I love listening to them.

The Mockingbird is our state bird, and I want to keep these birds safe. They are always welcome in my yard!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Keeping Time

A few weeks ago I sold my Time Zone Necklace.

The piece had been favorited (hearted, admired) by someone. They had shown it to a loved one, and so it was purchased as a gift for her from that loved one's mother. (we'll just call her Mom)

You see, Mom's son was about to be deployed to Afghanistan, and son's fiance was the admirer of the necklace.

Well, having 2 of her 4 sons deployed to Afghanistan, Mom wanted one of these Time Zone Necklaces, too.

I can do that.

After a few convos back and forth, we came up with a very personalized Time Zone Necklace for Mom.

Mom has not just 2 sons in the military, but 4!

It takes special people to fight for our country. And it takes an extra special person to be the mom of those who do fight.

I really enjoyed working on this piece for Mom!
When I finished, and was taking pics, I was overcome with emotion at the significance of this necklace, and began to cry.

It felt really good.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's Go!

When I woke up Friday morning, for the 2nd time, Shae asked if I wanted to go to the beach.

Well.....HELZ YEAH!


We headed to Clearwater! and so did thousands of spring breakers.

So we went a short way down the road and over the bridge to Sand key.
It was a beautiful sunny day!
You could hear the resonating BOOM from the canon on the Pirate Ship.
This is our shell pile....pitiful. But I do love my little sea tree! Not sure what it is yet, but it sure is cool!
My favorite picture from the day. Love how the sun is glinting on the water!

The water was pretty warm, too....for March! It only took a minute to get used to the temperature.
It was a wonderful day to relax and read on the beach.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Something New!

This little project has been a long time in coming. After several tries, and several errors....or complete fails actually, I finally found the right components to make it work.

I've wanted to do a men's line for a long, long time!
Now I have some men's seashell and leather bracelets!
This triple strand is my favorite. The olive shells I used are like the olive for the bolo tie, just smaller.
Naturally tossed and tumbled by the sea to knock the tip off, leaving it hollow inside and perfect for stringing onto a piece of leather.
I made a couple of single strand bracelets, too. One in black....
and one in brown.

I am really lovin' these, and can't wait to get them in my Etsy shop!

I know I have another big, hollow Olive Shell around here somewhere, and I aim to find it.

Of course, I'll always be on the lookout for them while I am roaming the beaches looking for shells.

I do have a couple that are ancient looking, and totally bleached out color wise. I want to use them next!

So, this is one of the things I've been keeping a secret....

stay tuned for more secret unveilings!

Edited to add my links! I keep forgetting to do that!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It was meant to be

How was your weekend? I hope your weather was better than ours! It has been dark, gloomy, and raining for days, and I am looking forward to the next few promised SUNNY days!

Since I was stranded inside chose to stay in, I holed up in my craftroom to do some listings, and work on my custom order.

I love the creative process that goes into each and every one of my pieces. It starts as this tiny little thought, and before I know it, I've created something hard to say goodbye to when the time comes. But I love to think of the joy that they bring to the person who wears them!

This necklace was a long time in the making.
Oh, it went together just fine! But it didn't start out with a moon snail shell...
No, no it didn't.
It started out with a maple leaf shell, or a frog shell, as it's also called.
But the shell is too thin for the bail :( and not quite the right color.

So I changed to a gorgeous auger!
This was a perfect fit!
I like the auger on it better than the maple leaf shell. The coloring is better matched.
But I had to take it off....I needed it for something else. It's a big auger. I need more of these! 
I have plenty of small ones :)

Well, Some things are just meant to be!
I love the moon snail for this necklace. The color match is perfect.

No, it's not a perfect shell. It has a couple of blemishes. It's seen a few hard times and knocks in life.
Haven't we all? It's still beautiful~

This seashell necklace has big white south sea shell pearls, and nice plump mauve freshwater pearls. So pretty and pastel, and lovely for spring! This necklace is short, measures 16 inches, and would look so nice with strappy and strapless dresses and tops.

The creative juices have been flowing, and I have more designs to create from my sketches!
And more photos to take of finished items!

But first....I have errands and shopping to attend to.
At least it's going to be a beautiful day to run around town!

Is everyone having an extra early spring?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mermaids Delight!

My first delight is a little project that is something of my own, and I've been working on it for some time now. Working on it, setting it aside, pondering and planing, working a little more, and finally completing.
This hand mirror remained like this for several weeks (okay, a couple of months) while I contemplated what I wanted to do next.
And the brush remained as thus...

Think think think!

Okay, thinking too hard. Leave it alone, and it will come.

Lo and behold, it did!

This is going to be so pretty on my vanity! The tarnish is beautiful, and gives this mirror and brush set an ancient and time worn look. Like it was handed down from mermaid to mermaid.

The glue I used is amazing! I can pick up the mirror by a limpet shell and it holds true! Weather proof and waterproof, too!

While I had a pile of limpet shells out, and having finished my vanity set, I decided to play in the realm of mermaids some more, and made some hair accessories, too.
 An entire selection of limpet shell barrettes and bobby pins!
One large seashell barrette, two small seashell barrettes, and a set of two seashell hair pins/bobby pins.

A perfect assortment to tame those wild mermaid tresses!
I wish you could see them in person, because my photos do NOT do them justice!!!

And I used the same glue on these.... they should hold up through a hurricane.

I'm going to have to get better pictures than this before I list these limpet shell hair accessories in my shop!

I have many pictures to take, several new things to list, AND I'm working on another custom order!

This mermaid better get her tail flippin' and get some things done!

I'll see you soon with some pretty and cool new seashell creations :D

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New projects

I finally got around to crossing some things off my ideas board! It feels so good to have completed a few of my projects.

One of them, a vintage Mother of Pearl Leaf Brooch has been on my board for close to a year. I bought it when my friend DeEtte was here last April. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with it, but it was difficult to decide what kind of shell to use. I came across a lightly colored, and still naturally shiny olive shell that was the perfect size. I happened to have some charms laying out at the same time recently, and it just came together.
This would look so awesome on a scarf, lapel, jacket pocket, vest, a blouse... and I can see it on a denim jacket too. So Cool! Yep, you know I love it! If I didn't, you wouldn't be seeing it, right?! It IS a keeper, but it's here in my Etsy shop.

The theme is Olive Shells apparently :D

I've been wanting to do this forever!
This is my Seashell Bolo Tie!

What a cool old Olive Shell!
Broken, tossed, and tumbled smooth through the waves and across the ocean floor for who knows how many years. My grandpa wore bolo ties when he dressed up :D

I think they give an air of sophistication. Anyone can wear a regular neck tie, but a man who wears a bolo has a real sense of self. My papaw knew he was a handsome devil, and he dressed to the nines! I think he would have loved my Bolo Tie, and would have looked so good in it....or ...it would have looked so good on him.

I do have another big Olive like this for another one, but I want less decorative ends for the next one. I also have some smaller olives with the top broken out, and smoothed by the surf and sand. One is already being used in something, but it isn't finished. I'm waiting for supplies. Again. Sigh.

I do have a bunch of new supplies to work with still, while I'm waiting for this one in particular. A pile of shells is waiting to be drilled, my work area is pretty tidy, so it's time to mess it up again!

I crossed something else off of my board, and it's something any mermaid would delight in.....

but that is another post!
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