I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Come On Summer Time!

Okay, I know I can't complain about the weather. We have had a really nice winter, with very few actual freezes. It does get chilly at night, and we do have the occasional cold day....but all in all our winters are mild compared to elsewhere in the States.

I do prefer spring and summer, though :) aaaannnnnnnddddd I always go barefoot, or wear flip flops or sandals. I have always wanted to make a pair of Barefoot Sandals. Really! And when Courtney aka Bonesaw Betty (from the Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby!!!) pinned a pair on Pinterest and added a tag that said " Della Merritt could make these- she's crafty!" I knew the time had come, and I better get on the ball and make some.

Of course, for my 1st pair, I'm all thinking seashells and beach weddings, right....

so this past Tuesday I gave it go! I didn't have anything else to do.... I'm kinda laid up ;)

Very elegant, and so beach wedding-y!

These will fit an 8.5 to 9 US womens size. I wear an 8 and they are just a lil bit loose on me, but I could wear them without them falling off or anything.

See? Loose, but not falling off loose...an 8 could wear them.

See my boo boo by my big toe joint? A bottle of body wash fell on my foot in the shower :(
I was bleeding! I'm accident prone, to say the least LOL!

Enough side views, huh?

And on the other toe.... ant bite. I told you I run around barefoot.... and ants don't die in the winter where there is no snow!

I must say I DO Love them!!! I want to make a less 'dressy' pair, too. I think they are so fun! And mine are so totally different than any I've ever seen. Have you ever seen any like these? I think a Bohemian style with leather would be cool, too! I almost don't want to put this pair in my shop hmmmmm. And, can I say OUCH for standing on these shells?! It's the mass assortment by my pond out front, and they are not foot traffic friendly! Which is why my toes aren't in an elegant pose hehehehe!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Elegant Murex

I made something cool and fun yesterday, but it requires a pedicure for me to do a post on it. Since that is not happening at the moment (maybe later today) I thought I would dig out a couple of necklaces that I made  a little while ago, and still haven't put them in my shop ....cuz I didn't have pics yet.

An elegant and so pretty Murex shell dangles from a copper bail, on a solid copper chain, with a peach pearl drop.

This chain is very fine looking, delicate, and dainty, but every little link is soldered closed.

The Murex has a dainty and delicate look about it, too... but make no mistake, this is a sturdy shell. I sure wouldn't want to step on one.

A simple lobster clasp completes this necklace.

Not everyone likes copper the way I do, and most people actually like silver the most.

This lovely Murex is on a silver plated chain, and has a pretty pinkish purplish freshwater pearl drop.

The Murex is like the Beauty Queen of the sea :)

Her details are stunning, and so very elegant!

Also finished with a simple lobster clasp, this necklace is ready to wear!

As soon as I get them listed in my shop, hehehehee!

I know I am still being a slow poke about listings right now, but I do have my reasons :P

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seashell Crowns for Mermaids

Do you remember a few months ago, I was working on a custom order? I wouldn't tell what it was, and didn't give anything away as to what I was working on...not even a hint.

Well, I can tell now!

I was asked to make a Mermaid Seashell Crown with pink shells, that looked like the crown Alana, Ariel's sister is wearing in the movie the Little Mermaid.  My customer is playing the part in an upcoming play!

The criteria for the shell crown, besides being pink, was that it has to stay on her head while she is wearing a wig.

This is an 'in progress photo', and you can see that I used a long toothed comb style headband.

I also left long streamers of ribbon at the ends to be tied underneath/behind her head. She can trim them if she needs to :)

This was a super cool project to take on, and I am completely happy with the results! I am thrilled to finally be sharing it with you all :) And my customer is just as thrilled with the finished piece!!!!

I do have more shell crown ideas that don't involve paint....just shells and pearls, and ribbon. Now that I've sold this one, I can start working on the others. I'll just add it to my looooooong To Do list!

Can you think of anything I should add to my To Do list?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Nautically Correct

Hello my dears!

I am on the mend! FINALLY! I went to the doc on Friday, and I am on medication. YAY! I should be well in just a few more days :) but at least I am starting to feel somewhat human again :D

A while back I ordered some really cool solid brass pendants. It took me a long time to find the perfect chain to match them. I did find two the right color, but the way the links were, made them hang funny. So that was a no go. When I saw this chain, I knew it was my winner!

Isn't this Life Preserver neat? Solid Brass and Copper, this pendant has some weight to it. You can tell it's solid, not hollow.

I could add a shell, but I'm not going to....not unless one is requested.

I'm just gonna do a little Nautical Series and see how it goes.

This would make a great guy necklace ;) but a woman could wear it, too.

This Port Hole Necklace is very cool!Also Solid Brass, and it really opens! I kid you not. I opened it. I thought it looked like it would, so I unscrewed the "lock" and opened it right up. The mirror is removable. You could put a photo in it, and maybe get a little circle of glass to cover it...and take up the missing space of the mirror :) I did put it back together :D

Also weighty, and perfect for your man....but you could wear it, too.

The chains measure about 21 inches, and the pendants about 1 1/2 inches across and 2 inches long with the bail/ring.

And because I was on a real brass kick, I fell for this awesome 40 year perpetual calendar.

To this I did add a shell. One of my Belleair shells....a Florida Cone. Not to be confused with an alphabet cone....this is our more conch like cone. I did the research....I'm still trying to learn all the shells. But, as you know, there are literally hundreds of thousands of types of shells, and I will never learn them all. As long as I learn all of our local shells, and maybe all of our US shells, then I think that's pretty good. I do know some of the foreign shells off hand, too.


This calendar really works! For 40 years!....you just set the month to the year, and it gives you that months calendar.....for 40 years!!!!! It's so cool! This too...is solid brass....but it's thin, so not heavy at all. I had no idea these things even existed until I found this one. How many times have you flipped to your checkbook register front for the date, only to discover the little calendars are outdated....like last years, or previous years. ARGH....that's aggravating :P and you don't have your cell phone on you either! But, you do have your car keys :D It's a fun item anyway, and would make a clever gift.

So, I didn't get to go to the beach for Valentine's weekend :(
I'm just too sick.....but I am mending now. So in a few weeks we will go, but these next few weekends, we have prior commitments. Sometimes it sucks being an adult and having to do the 'right thing'. But, we do what we must :)

I plan on being back....SOON! I mean it for real this time. I have to get better now, I'm taking meds :)

Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Surf & Turf Seashell and Wood Bracelets

A couple of years ago I made some jewelry that I called 'The Surf & Turf Collection'. The surf being seashells, of course, and the turf being wood. I love things made of wood, and beads are no exception. Wooden beads can be very pretty.

Yesterday I got busy and put together a couple of seashell and wood bracelets....a new selection of surf and turf is coming! (surf and turf also happens to be one of my favorite dinners...YUM steak and lobster!)

When I saw these beads come up on Etsy, I had to buy them. They are shell beads, and I think they are mini mussel shells....I've eaten lots of mussels, and that's what they look like.

They are highly polished, and resemble polished tortoise shell.

The wood beads are coconut, and I used glass button pearls to accent the purple in the shell beads.

For my next surf and turf bracelet, I used one of mom's Mexico shells. An olive shell.

Coconut beads in the shape of lets say railroad ties...that's what they remind me of. Small white glass pearls separate each coconut bead.

I love shells that are drilled by nature....it saves me so much time :)

I used large lobster clasps on these bracelets for ease of fastening for those who don't trust a toggle...and there are many of you out there. I can of course change to a toggle at your request...no extra charge :)

This bracelet is so cute around the wrist!

I'm really glad I got a chance to play, I mean WORK yesterday! And I actually did get some real work done and listed several new bookmarks in my shop. I also listed the necklace I showed you yesterday, and my starfish headbands. I'm having to get into my stuff that is packed for shows, take photos, and then blog/do listings. I prefer to make the item, then take my pics...before it gets put away....but I was in a mad rush to get things done a few months ago, and things did not go as per normal. I'm going back and doing it now ;)

I have many items you haven't even seen, and it's my goal to get them in the shop...and the blog!

So, I'll see ya soon with something new!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Off Center Seashell Necklace

I may be a little late, but I made it! I was waiting for my camera battery to charge. Isn't that the way it goes sometimes? You take one picture, and "battery is exhausted". Oh I hate it when that happens :(

So, I played around with another shell while I was waiting, and did a couple of Etsy listings :)

I have made a few asymmetrical necklaces, but never just an off center necklace, and when this shell spoke to me and said that's what it wanted to be, well, I had to listen.

This is one of mom's shells from Mexico!

The simplistic gal in me came out on this one. No sparkle, no shine (except the beads!) and no bling.

The larger beads are milky white, and the smaller beads are a beautiful Mediterranean blue dyed jade.
The one wood bead acts as an accent to the shell.

To mimic the natural coloration in the shell. The shell is old, worn, and has been tumbled by the surf... making it so smooth.

I carved out the center of the wood bead facing the shell, and added a drop of glue to keep it right there. No twisting and turning. I also left all the little beach pebbles lining the opening of the shell to keep the wire hidden inside.

This was a fun shell to play with, and I learned something. Sometimes it's best to leave nature alone, and just go with it. It sure was the thing to do with this one!

Have you ever worn an off center style necklace?

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Great Volunteer Tomato

I have a tomato update!

I didn't get tomatoes for Thanksgiving or even Christmas. Maybe I would have if I had fertilized and watered that poor lil volunteer plant. But seeing as how it was a total volunteer....I just let it do it's thing.

The tomatoes are small, and look like habanero peppers.

It is so loaded with blossoms!

and lots of lil tomatoes!

Since it is doing so well, and spring is just around the next couple of corners.....

I think I'm gonna start watering it, and give it some food :)

It would be fun to see if this plant can vine all over the front flower bed...

and around the pond with some larger, juicier tomatoes! And since the front of the house seems quite suitable for tomatoes, why not plant more in between the azaleas? Or maybe even instead of the azaleas? They haven't ever looked really good anyway....

I guess I better put my gardening hat back on! But until I get my seeds and plants, I'll keep making jewelry ;)

I am feeling a little better, at least enough to have some hopes and dreams again! Thank you all so much for your well wishes! I do appreciate it so much! I should be well mended by next weekend, but that was the roughest week I've had in a long, long time.

I played with mom shells a little, and I have something to show you!


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