I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh, Those Silly Mustaches!

You know what I mean....they are everywhere. I do not see the fascination with this craze.

BUT, when a certain piece of seashell went into my pocket, I knew it would be the perfect mustache.

Even though I really have abhorred this fad for the last couple of years. Is it ever gonna end????

Not that I am jumping on this bandwagon......

I intend to keep this shell mustache! I think it would be fun as a pin....on my jacket :)

What a neat chunk of shell, huh?! It was shaped like a razor clam when I started. All the same width. A little manipulation and wallllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I have a one of a kind mustache pin :{

What do you think of the mustache fad? I personally don't get the point. Maybe I'm too old, LOL!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little Collections

About a year or so ago, Kyle started drinking Red Rose Tea. The store was out of his regular brand, so I bought it as a substitute. Kyle liked it....a lot. Red Rose Tea also comes with a miniature figurine of Wade porcelain.

Red Rose has been doing the miniatures series' since 1941!

From 2008-2012 they had the "calendar series" and we did complete the set.... but for some reason our Cupid isn't in with the rest of them :( I have misplaced him.

Sorry for the picture quality :P and it would look better if I had removed my figurines from the plastic, but I am NOT removing them from the plastic until I know what I am doing with them. My favorite out of this series is of course, the sandcastle and beach pail :) I do have multiples of most of these.....except the damn cupid!

This year they have started the NAUTICAL WONDERLAND SERIES!

So far we have 3.

The treasure chest! A crab! and a Conch Shell!!!!!!!

I'm gonna LOVE collecting THIS series! I want a little shelf for these! So CUTE! I can't wait to get the mermaid :) and the seahorse! I'll probably get a whole flock of seagulls LOL!

You can buy the Calendar Series, now that it has been discontinued.....while supplies last. But the Nautical Series is only available in Red Rose Tea at this time.

Unfortunately, I was not compensated by Red Rose Tea, or Wade Ceramics  for doing this post :(
Free tea would be cool, huh?

Do you have any of these? or any other collections?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Seashells from Mexico!

You know I admire shells from near, and FAR. When mom and dad went to Mexico, mom went shelling, and brought me some neat shells!

Some of these shells I've never seen before!

They are all really pretty, even the tossed and tumbled one's.

These little purple shells in the front are such a gorgeous shade of purple! I made mom a pair of earrings with a couple of them :)

The cone shells are different than ours....darker, and with smaller dots and lines.

I have found small whole Murex here, but none as beautiful as these pieces that mom found.
Lovely shades of pinks!

The 'sand' on the beach was more like tiny pebbles, coral, and shell all tumbled and smooth. Not actually sand at all.

I'm really wanting to leave those bits and pieces in the shells.

Such a cute, CUTE cone shell!

So many possibilities in this pile of shells!

I really love those lil purple one's!

And how cute is this little turkey wing????!!!!

I've had these in a square glass vase to admire their beauty......

What would you do with these shells?

I'd like to welcome some new followers! Thanks for joining us Beverly, Anne, and Deb!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be Still, My Heart

I have been playing with those Heart Cockle Shells AGAIN!

This time in 14k gold filled bliss!

A perfect Valentine for someone special!

This is a short necklace, and the heart shell rests at the hollow of the throat. A nice 14 inch choker, including the width of the top of the shell. The shell is 2 inches long by nearly 2 inches wide. Big and pretty!

Is it weird that I wonder what the animals from the shells taste like? Ya know, COOKED.

I've been wondering just how delicate and delicious a heart cockle must taste!

I am a seafood nut after all, and I know that in other countries they EAT all the goodies from the sea....even these!
I sure would like to find out....would you?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Where's Waldo?

Not THAT Waldo.....Waldo, FL!

Waldo is a little town with a pretty BIG Flea Market about an hour north of Ocala, and is one of two designated 'speed traps' in the state. No, I did NOT get a ticket! My hubby warned me before I left, so I made sure to set my cruise control just under the speed limit as soon as I entered Waldo. I've never had a ticket (knock wood) and don't plan on getting one :)

It was a beautiful day for the Country & Clogging Festival, although quite breezy. We were lucky to get a booth near the stage, and the cloggers were fabulous! They performed several times throughout the day.

A lady played guitar and sang a counrtyish acoustic version of AC/DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long' Whoaaaaa! It was pretty good though! Would you be surprised that I DO know the lyrics? lol.

There were plenty of food vendors and concession stands, but I brought my own food and beverages for Laci and I.... like boiled eggs, carrot and celery sticks, red pepper strips, cucumber spears....you get the idea. Healthy munchies! But, oh! There were plenty of things to tempt me, but I only bought fudge for hubs....a few different kinds. But I wanted the bread and pastries one vendor had. They looked wonderful! Things you would find in a really decadent pastry shop/bakery. But I refrained from taking part in the delicious art... of divine turnovers, croissants, pies, and tarts. But it wasn't easy! I could SEE her booth from mine!

My setup was different this time. I was in an open air building, building B towards the front. The tables were long, narrow, and tall. I ditched my rafia (which Anna called 'My Junk' LOL!!!) and flipped my sheets over to hide the snaps....and had to clamp and pin them together underneath the tables because the wind kept whipping them every which way and blowing them out into the passersby, and up and over my items! Thank God I didn't use the rafia skirts!!!!

The day before the show I put together more hang tags to fit more items in this display, as I knew I would only have 2 tables.

They are now arranged according to price/and category.

Bracelets and fan pulls have been added, as I had to eliminate my bracelet board....BUT had I thought about it (cause it just occurred to me...I SHOULD have stood it over at the end by the pole to hang my hair things on!) BUT I was so disoriented by having to do everything differently, that my setup was not the best I've done. I do LOVE this display and the handstamped shell hang cards, though!

I *thought* I brought my extra zip bags, but I didn't.

I have a LOT of things in my booth that aren't listed in my shop yet, but will be soon.

Do you see anything new? :D

I didn't sell a darn thing! (sigh)

But, these were next to us, so I thought of Diane from Lavender Dreams, and also thought of all of you!

What made it totally worth it was our Dear Anna from Harvest Village was there, not far from us! And we did laugh about her calling my rafia 'my junk'. I said... MY JUNK????? Whatdya mean MY JUNK? My Rafia???? LOLOLOLOL! What she said was...."You didn't put your junk around your tables". LOL!

And the ladies with the rag dolls and quilts (Patsy & Laurie) were really nice, too. We had several hours to get acquainted. And they sold a couple of quilts, and something else....a bear, I think.

I was so happy to have Laci with me, she is always great company, even though she has gotten sick EVERY craft show EXCEPT the one when she didn't drink the frappacino. NOW WE KNOW WHY she has BARFED every time....except the ONE time she forgot to bring them. No more frappacino's!

Maybe a little TMI, but hey, it was part of our day, lol!

I'm looking for other places to go to craft shows, but will be back at Harvest Village on Feb 2nd. I have some flyers to pass out, and some errands to run today, and then it's back to listing, taking pictures, and listing.....until I get all those new items in my shop :)

Sooooooo, what did you see on my tables that is new?
Annnnnnnd, do you have any ideas to make better displays for headbands, or anything else?

Your input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for hanging out for this LOOOOOOOONG and wordy post!

Friday, January 18, 2013

New for Me and You!

Hello, and TGIF!

Yesterday I was pretty busy doing listings on Etsy. I think I listed about 11 new items, with the fan pulls being four of them. (I was prompted by Karen to get them done!) Thanks Karen, I needed that push :)

Some of the new listings you have seen, and some you have not.

You have seen these frames....they are now in my shop :)

This cone shell necklace is new and is one of my Belleair Beach finds! Something for him or her ;)

A limpet shell necklace....love the lavender and brown in this.

I love, love, love this little lion's paw with the copper! No bling, just a simple shell necklace.

These yellow snail shell earrings are so bright, they just scream spring and summer to me!

These are all new in my Etsy shop!

I'm totally and completely thinking of spring and summer, after the major drop in our temps. It's in the 30's this morning BRRRRRRR! Way too cold for me!

I sure do hope it warms up nicely tomorrow....I'm participating as a vendor at the Country and Clogging Festival in Waldo, FL! I am super excited about this venue!!! The Waldo Flea & Farmer's Market is a biggy! Hopefully I won't have time to take pictures! LOL!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!
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