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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Returning to Paradise

This can actually be taken as a double entendre. Returning to Paradise...

My hubs David, and I, recently took a trip out west.

Was going out West returning to paradise? Or was coming Home returning to paradise?

We drove out West for a reason. We towed a cute charcoal grey 2006 VW Bug to our granddaughter, for her 16th birthday! We are so thankful we could do it!

Photo credit Ali Ann Teuscher

I'm sure some people see that part of the country as their idea of Paradise. It is beautiful, at this time of year, from one side of our great country to the other. Everything is lush and green, where it is normally dry and brown for most of the year. Many places across the Mid West and Plains were at flood stage. Rivers were spilling over their banks, and at many bridges, were running close to the bridge. The construction zones were endless, as always. The price we pay for decent roads!

But as I watched the landscape pass by on that 5000 mile round trip, I knew it would be the last time I saw that part of the country from this perspective. Never again will I see the majestic beauty of the mountains, and enormous rock formations up close and personal. I will fly next time! We have made 12 trips from one side of the US to the other over the last 34 years. That doesn't include miles upon miles of vacations with the kids, or trips north to see my family.

We pushed too hard, drove too many miles a day, to get there in 3 days. The end of day 2, my Lupus was flaring. Running a fever, nauseous, throwing up, unable to eat, and in severe pain....and I was already in pain before setting out for this long journey. (but it was so worth it!)

It was a great trip aside from the fact that I didn't feel well, lol.

Three weeks into June, and there was STILL snow on the mountains!

So very beautiful!

But being out West, at a higher altitude, where the air is thin, and it's closer to the sun, is not my idea of Paradise. I NEED my humidity!

While we were out there, we also visited family in Idaho. While we were in Idaho, we bought more Idaho Flagstone, to finish my pathway. What I had, was what we brought with us when we first moved back to Florida.

Now my side yard project can be worked on/completed! I just wish I felt a wee bit better. I do have a few plants and flowers to replace after being gone, and after having the AC guys here...but that's another story.

We had a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs on our trip. But I am so glad to be home.


julie cavender said...

Thanks for the scenic tour! I've been west of the Mississippi a few times and am always struck by how different the landscape is out there. Beautiful in a stark, rugged kind of way. But am happy to get back to the lush green of GA.

Glad you got the AC back on, too!!

Della said...

I wish I had taken more pics! I did get a few good photos on hubby's phone too, since he was driving. It is very beautiful in a rugged way out west, Julie, but I too am always glad to return home!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a fab trip and such a generous gift that will never be forgotten. You are one awesome grandma and grandpa. xo

Della said...

Oh, it was a fab trip Kim! Grandkids are made for spoiling :)

Ayla said...

Your photos are beautiful. One of my goals in life is to take a road trip out West. I would love to do it. You'll get to see so many things on the way. So sorry you got sick on the way. Getting there in 3 days is pushing it for regular person, I couldn't imagine how hard it was for you. Hopefully you are already feeling better now!

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