I've been collecting seashells for as long as I can remember. From east to west, coast to coast, and shore to shore, I always find a treasure to keep, and adore.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Seashell Saturday

Happy Seashell Saturday!

As you read this, I am at my favorite place on Earth, with my favorite person on Earth....
My very best friend, my husband.

We are the perfect mercouple, sea people destined to live life on land. When we get to our favorite place, it's magical... a breath of fresh sea air... like we've come HOME.

On our 10th anniversary, we were at Virginia Beach, sitting with the surf running up over our tails legs, digging down in the sand beside us with our fingers. At the same time, we exclaimed, "I found a shell!"
His shell is the larger, gnarly shell on the left, and mine is the smaller, almost dainty shell on the right. After displaying these shells on a shelf for nearly 30 years, they now have a permanent home in a shadow box.
Along with other special occasion shells that have found a place of honor on our bedroom wall. I made these last year...or the year before.

We have been together, finding shells, and exploring beaches for 30 years.

We have been to some incredible beaches...but aren't they ALL incredible?!
These "in the ferns and tress" pictures don't look very beachy, but surprisingly, we are only about 100 yards from the lighthouse above, looking over the Pacific Ocean.

I have been so very fortunate to spend my life with a partner who loves spending time at the ocean as much as I do.
Today isn't actually our anniversary.... we got married on June 6th.
So, while you are reading this, we are doing some shelling, and relaxing at our favorite place on Earth.

I'll be back next week with some new pictures, and some new shells, and maybe some new tales....
of our adventure at our favorite place...the beach.

Have a Super Shelling Saturday!



Shellbelle said...

Happy (Almost) Anniversary!

I think it's so wonderful that you two share a love that is a strong as the sea and as beautiful as the shore.

Enjoy celebrating your time together at your "favorite place on Earth" and I look forward to seeing a pic of the two of you together on beach!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh happy day! I'm so happy that you are on the beach with your honey, soaking up the sun and shell seeking! I'm anxious to hear WHERE you are and can't wait for all of the photos of what you see...and find! HAVE FUN! Happy Anniversary to you both! Enjoy this special week! ♥

Amanda said...

Aww, I loved reading this! Happy Anniversary. What sweet story!! I especially loved seeing your framed arrangement of special shells. How wonderful.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Happy Anniversary Del!!!XOXO here's to wishing you many more!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

NICE beach pictures - some of them are really stunning! And I love your wedding picture - how pretty you look!

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