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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

World Oceans Day My Favorite Beach

I'm joining Shellbelle for World Oceans Day! Come and Celebrate with us!
To celebrate today, many communities, groups, and people are coming together to educate, demonstrate, and show their love for the ocean. I'm going to tell you about my favorite beach!

Belleair Beach is located just below Clearwater. It is a peaceful place, a family beach, with few visitors every time we've been there. We always see something awesome!
We think this may be a whale! I was also thinking manatee, but the way it swam was more whale like. I snapped this pic Saturday!

Early Saturday morning, before anyone hit the beach, we were out there! Hubby went one way, and I went the other. HIS beach walk entailed finding a fresh turtle nest! He reported it to the Turtle Patrol, and they called someone who came in and measured the distance from the ocean to the nest, dug up the nest, counted the eggs, recorded all of this info, covered the eggs, and roped it off!
This is an amazing beach find! I would LOVE to be here when they hatch! Lucky hubby for being the first one to see the nest!

We usually see brown pelicans in Belleair, but they were not in abundance this time, although I did see several crossing Tampa Bay. Ibis, egrets, gulls, and other shore birds were enjoying fish, and small shellfish.

Friday night we had the most beautiful sunset. The Gulf is THE place for sunsets!

The colors are so intense! I love watching the sun drop into the ocean. It's stunning!

One evening right around sunset we walked up the beach. I saw a clump of sand move, and got my camera ready.

I had to turn off my flash and back off a bit!

Isn't he amazing?! I couldn't stop taking pictures of this fighting conch! We left him at the shoreline, to let him decide if he wanted in the water, or back in the sand. It sure was fun to see him!You should never take a live shell...just sayin'... and in some places it is illegal!

Belleair Beach is the perfect beach if you love peace and quiet, and just want to relax, walk the beach, and see glorious sunsets. There aren't any fast food places after you cross the causeway, and very few restaurants. You can go back into town if you want a good place to eat, or fast food. You can have pizza and subs delivered to your room, but we always bring our own food, cook what we want, and not have to get dressed up to go out. I stay at the beach the entire time we are there, and beach comb as much as I can.

We always see incredible sea life here! We have seen sting rays, the "whale ",  numerous pods of dolphins, and so many different shore birds. And now we have seen a live shell here!

These are some of the reasons I love Belleair so much!

Please be respectful of our oceans, and please don't litter. Pick up stray trash, toys, shoes....you'd be amazed at what gets left on the beach sometimes.

I want my grandkids to be able to share the beach experience with their kids...someday.

Happy World Oceans Day!



Kaybe said...

You picked a great beach. Back in 1990 Shellbelle lived on Indian Rocks Beach & I lived in Largo. We used to sneak on the beach at an old condo under construction since the parking was very limited back then. Bellair Beach is a great place for shelling. Thanks for the memories.

Take good care,


michelle said...

What a beautiful beach and very cool photos! That is so amazing about the turtle nest too. Thank you for sharing.
Happy World Oceans Day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It sounds like a perfect beach to enjoy! I'll put it on my list of places to visit! My list is long! heehee! Love hearing about your adventures and seeing your wonderful photos! We didn't see as many birds at the beach last week either. Isn't that odd! Happy World Oceans day, my friend! I'm wearing blue and white today if you see me out and about! lol ♥

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Happy woorld oceans day-great post. Love that area of FL. I'm thinking the fish was perhaps a shark?

Rachel W K said...

I just loved reading this post about your day at the beach, it looks just beautiful and you really have found some amazing things! And how did your husband know that was a turtle nest when it's just covered in sand!? My favorite beach is 'Secret Beach' in Kuaui, Hawaii. You have to hike to get to it and it's always empty and just emerges from the forest almost. Great little tide pools to watch :)


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Great capture!!! Happy World Oceans Day, Della!

Jane said...

Love your photos! Bellair is a beautiful beach. My brother has a condo at Cabana Club...just down from BB...on Sand Key. I have always loved walking along this stretch of coastline...Lots of shells.

(Yes, that shape looks like a whale. Unusual, but not impossible)
Jane (Artfully Graced)

julie cavender said...

What a wonderful story! Turtle nests, that's so cool. Sounds like it was a very happy trip.

Lindsay-ann said...

Happy World Oceans Day. I really enjoyed your post. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely pictures. The sunset is amazing. You are so lucky living there. I once visited Clearwater for a day trip when we were staying in Orlando. Unfortunately our bus left before the sunset so we didn't see it :(
I had never seen sand so white or ocean so blue. Thanks for bringing back my memories from your part of the world :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Now I want to visit YOUR beach! The water is so blue and clear. I think I need to take a drive up the coast again some time. Thanks for sharing!

Shellbelle said...

Turtle nests, whale sightings and live shells! Honey, yo9u and your hubby are in PARADISE!

Who needs restaurants and souvenir shops when you have all that to behold. AND then the end to a perfect day at the beach in one of our gorgeous sunsets.

I see Karen already beat me here (I had to work) and told you about our adventures sneaking onto the beaches there. Yep, our friendship was cemented on the shores there many years ago.

In those days, Belleair had no public access and would even give you a ticket for drinking coffee on the beach. The one thing we knew for sure, is that no one owns the ocean, lol.

Thank you for joining me to celebrate that which we love and respect so much AND for taking me down memory lane.

Hugs sweet friend and Happy World Oceans Day!

Love of the Sea said...

Happy World Oceans Day! Love the photos...just beautiful. I think I am near you right now. I am in St. Pete Beach...next time we will have to meet in person!! We can do some beachcombing together.

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